3 Quick Sales and Marketing Tips for FinTechs and FinTech Startups

Sales and marketing is crucial to any company, fintech focused sales and marketing activities are those that are dovetailed to enable better outcomes for finance technologies and fintech companies.

The better the sales and marketing arms of these companies, the easier it will be for these teams to deliver their latest fintech innovations to the market. Planning a good fintech service or platform is step one in this entire model, the next big step involves formulating a go-to market strategy that can boost customer acquisition while enabling an understanding of the new fintech.

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Mobile-friendly Marketing Campaigns are Key

With the increased move of fintech users to the mobile / online marketplace given that mobile payments and digital banking are today’s norm, adhering to the first rule of sales and marketing – meet the customers where they are in this case meeting them across the mobile and portable devices they use. In-app marketing, campaigns with simple CTAs that call attention to your new product launch or latest product enhancements  are more likely to receive the desired attention.

Besides focusing on building a mobile-responsive website that potential customers can access from their mobile devices, campaigns or marketing and sales messaging that meet them here will enable results.

Valuable, Educative Content

Fintech is innovating at a rapid rate. However, both business and individual end users may need more information and educative content on what the latest fintech innovations entail before making any decision. Simple, clear, concise content that’s presented via email marketing series or through the social media channels that the target audience base is most active on, will help users understand how different your fintech app is from the rest.

It’s important to keep in mind that anything to do with new finance technologies especially on a business level will require more than one decision maker to influence the adoption of the tech within a company. Breaking down the content to explain how beneficial the latest product release for your fintech app is and delivering it across the chain will help drive results from overall sales and marketing initiatives. According to research, 70% of a target audience base would rather learn about a company through blogs than ads.

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Use of Video – A Must!

Product demos, especially for the fintech segment, because innovations here can be complex and while they are complicated, this entire model needs to be presented to several decision-makers within minutes, when pitching for a product, need to be planned well. What matters to customers looking at adopting new fintech is also security of data and privacy issues. Bearing in mind that pictures and visuals speak louder than words, creating informative videos that can help both technical and non-technical users understand the core features of a new finance technology will be useful in the long run in delivering results. Adding a product video to your website’s homepage is also a good way of showcasing the most important features of your fintech or abilities within the dashboard in minutes. A clean, well-structured video can help move prospects and online website visitors across the buying chain, with the right marketing automation technology that captures details of your visitors; you can then follow through with personalized online and digital campaigns.

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Paroma serves as the Director of Content for GlobalFinTechSeries, SalesTechStar and TecHRseries. She was a Senior Features writer and Editor at MarTech Advisor and HR Technologist and has worked as a lead content marketer and developer for various B2B publications and tech firms.


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