A Few Interesting Reads on Finance and FinTech

In view of the current Covid-19 pandemic, FinTech firms are enhancing their traditional methods and trying to adapt to modern needs by innovating in different segments, be it payments, digital banking, machine learning, gamification, and more.

The importance of saving money or investing money has never felt more important, not only for corporates but also for individuals. While deciding which method can be right for you or your business, here we give you a list of some of the most recommended financial books to dip into.

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About the Author: Vicki Robin is an Author, Innovator, Speaker, Facilitator at Vicki Robin Associates

About the Book: The evergreen book, Your Money or Your Life, shows you a path that will lead you to your financial independence. The book shows you how to avoid debts and develop saving habits. Instead of strict budgeting, being mindful can help you manage your money better. This book is ideal for people of all ages. After all it is never too late to change your financial situation and start creating wealth.

  • Bank 4.0: Banking Everywhere, Never at a Bank by Brett King 

About the Author: Brett King is the Founder, Executive Chairman at Moven

About the Book: As the name suggests Bank 4.0 is the fourth version of Brett’s books. The previous versions have entailed discussions about how the purpose of branch centric banks is evolving and how banks should embrace new technologies and adapt to change. Bank 4.0 talks about the future of banks when the cash and card goes away. With new technologies like AI, Blockchain, etc. and the new banking ecosystem consisting of payment apps, companies like Uber have their own bank system which involves their own payments. Brett believes that banks are now moving to what is defined in his book as Bank 4.0

  • The World of Digital Payments: Practical Course 

About the Author: Pavlo Sidelov is the CTO of SDK.finance

About the Book: This book is similar to a digital payments course that takes you through the various payment methods that exist today. It offers insights into the evolution of payment technologies such as e-wallet systems, prepaid card systems, and more. There are many key learning areas for those who are not into digital payments yet and even for those who are looking for some strategies for business monetization.

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  • The Future Is Faster Than You Think: How Converging Technologies Are Disrupting Business, Industries, and Our Lives 

About the Author: Peter H. Diamandis is the Founder & Executive Chairman of XPRIZE

About the Book: This book entails a powerful vision to our future. It addresses how the rapidly changing technologies can impact our lives. Be it any industry, technology is transforming way quickly than one imagined. Questions like what happens as AI, Robotics, Virtual Reality, and Sensors crash into 3D Printing, Blockchain, and Global Gigabit Networks and how will these convergences transform today’s legacy industries? keep you gripped throughout; making you think the future is much nearer than you thought. This is a must read for anyone who wants to keep up with the reshaping world.

  • Advances in Financial Machine Learning 

About the Author: Marcos Lopez de Prado is a Co-founder and CIO at TRUE POSITIVE TECHNOLOGIES

About the Book: Machine Learning (ML) is a study of computer algorithms, it provides the system the ability to automatically learn and improvise itself. The book explores how ML can help with the resolution of financial problems. It explains how ML can be used to research on Big data or even for back testing. It also consists of a series of real life problems faced by ML practitioners and provides solutions for them, helping them to succeed in the current scenario.

  • Financial Services Revolution: How Blockchain is Transforming Money, Markets, and Banking 

About the Author: Alex Tapscott is a Co-Founder at Blockchain Research Institute

About the Book: The book talks about the financial transformation that will come with blockchain technology. Blockchain is being referred to as a game changer which will empower individuals and bring more transparency in the system. The book has chapters that are contributed by some of the world’s top thinkers and will be a must read for everyone who is inquisitive about the future of finance technology.

  • Virtual Banking: A Guide To Innovation and Partnering (WILEY FINANCE) 

About the Author: Dan Schatt is a Co-Founder at Cred

About the Book: Virtual banking can also be referred to as Digital banking and it is redefining the landscape of the current fintech industry. The book talks about the transformation of the old banking paradigm into the revolution of cloud computing. It addresses subjects like the changing POS landscape and digital banking best practices for a better customer experience. The book includes case studies from PayPal, Google, Facebook, Twitter and more to exemplify the innovation through banking partnerships. It gives detailed insights on the new fintech space.

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  • FinTech Founders: Inspiring Tales from the Entrepreneurs that are Changing Finance 

About the Author: Agustín Rubini is the Co-Founder of Top Pitch Desk

About the Book: This book is a must read to recognise the opportunities and challenges FinTech brings with it. It comprises of 75 elaborated interviews with some of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs, who have been referred to as FinTech founders. The interviews cover key learnings and success secrets from leaders from a diverse range of finance segments like banking, payments, cryptocurrencies, all of these are sure going to change the way you manage your finances. Agustín also uncovers some insightful predictions on the future of fintech.

About the Author: Chris Skinner wears multiple hats, he is the Chairman of The Financial Services Club, the CEO of The Finanser Ltd, Chairman at Nordic Finance Innovation, Global Ambassador at Innovate Finance and Non – Executive Director at 11:FS

About the Book: Digital bank talks about how the innovations in the banking sector is changing the relationship between the bank and its customer. The fact that banks that are not yet digital will be digitized, has been questioned in the book because digital banks would need a new range of services based on the latest technologies. The book also includes detailed guidance on digital revolution and covers new areas of finance like Zopa and Bitcoin making it an ideal book to read.

  • Fintech Innovation: from Robo-advisors to Goal based Investing and Gamification 

About the Author: Paolo Sironi is the Global Research Leader Banking and Finance at IBM

About the Book: The book examines the depth of financial technology. As suggested in its title, the book highlights how robo advisory and goal-based investment can benefit the investors. The insights that the book provides are the ones you need to understand about what factors and technologies are causing Fintech to rise. The book provides a detailed understanding of the changing landscape and demonstrates why all financial advisors around the world are encouraged to stay up to date with these skills.

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