AI-Powered Platform Tickeron Simplifies Cryptocurrency Trading With New Features

AI-Powered Platform Tickeron Simplifies Cryptocurrency Trading With New Features

Tickeron, an artificial and human intelligence platform delivering unparalleled trading insights and analysis, introduces its new AI Robots tool for cryptocurrency trading. Working in conjunction with Tickeron’s AI Screener, these AI-powered tools use sophisticated algorithms to deliver valuable crypto trading information right to the user’s inbox.

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AI Robots consists of Tickeron’s best combinations of trade idea generation tools. It works by scanning the crypto market every minute to find the best possible cryptocurrency trading opportunities based on Real Time Patterns, Trend Prediction Engine results and other advanced AI-produced data. The robots will then make the trade without any human involvement or decision-making necessary.

AI Screener allows retail investors to categorize and compare cryptocurrencies. Once the user selects filters, they are able to toggle between technical and fundamental analysis, fundamentals raw data, earning and dividends data and AI predictions on a particular currency. In such turbulent and uncertain economic times, having access to this information gives novice cryptocurrency traders a chance of success.

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“These features allow new traders to find out virtually anything they want to know about a cryptocurrency before making a trade, or before AI Robots makes one for them ,” said Sergey Savastiouk, CEO and Founder of Tickeron. “Having artificial intelligence at their disposal to find out valued information through our exclusive algorithms and date analysis is a huge asset to crypto traders in today’s market.”

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