All of Us Financial Is Now Live, Poised To Take On Industry Titans

All of Us Financial Is Now Live, Poised To Take On Industry Titans

The world’s only fully transparent online broker raises $3.5 million USD to reengineer trading for self-directed investors

All of Us, the world’s first fully transparent online broker, announced its trading platform is officially live via the All of Us website or app on iOS and Android. The mobile- and web-based trading platform delivers unprecedented transparency that empowers investors to achieve the kind of returns financial institutions have traditionally kept for themselves. All of Us initially announced its waitlist in September 2019 and the company has been onboarding traders since April 2020. All of Us has raised $3.5 million USD in early seed money from founders, institutional and angel investors.

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“The biggest misnomer from traditional online trading platforms is ‘free trading,’” said Alan Grujic, founder and CEO of All of Us Financial. “Trading is never free. While the individual investor may not be asked to pay fees, the broker is still making money off each and every trade, without being fully transparent to their customers about how much they are making or where that money is coming from. This is the impetus behind All of Us and why we’ve focused so heavily on creating a business model that allows us to be transparent with each and every investor. At All of Us, we not only share with you how we make  money, we share those profits with you.”

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Why now?
The current market is ripe for mobile financial services, with the latest figures showing a 55% growth in mobile usage from the end of 2019 through the third week of April 2020 (App Annie). Volatility stemming from the COVID-19 global pandemic has brought in a wave of new investors and caused existing investors to reassess their broker needs at unprecedented rates. Traditional online brokers suffer from opaque trading terms and costly outages, and investors who want to realize opportunities available in this current economic environment need a transparent, fair, robust platform that they can trust.

How does it work?
All of Us uses a never-before-seen model to make it clear just how much money an individual’s trades are making for them, and always shares a percentage. The platform also allows investors to connect with one another to refine their portfolio strategy. Furthermore, the platform offers novel social features, which enable investors to create communities to refine portfolio strategies, share trading ideas and gain market knowledge together.

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