Bayesian Markets Launches Offering: Market Making & OTC With Unique Algorithms for Digital Asset Traders

Bayesian Markets Launches Offering: Market Making & OTC With Unique Algorithms for Digital Asset Traders

The Bayesian Group have been hard at work to create a trading platform that gives investors and traders unique safeguards, longer price guarantees as well as avoiding slippage. Using proprietary Bayesian Markets trading bots, multiple orders can be placed for particular digital assets, to boost overall liquidity. The Liquidity Provision service aims to provide wholesale liquidity to regulated digital asset on/off ramps in order to facilitate its use and broad adoption.

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Not only that but also most digital asset trading platforms only offer a price guarantee of around 3 minutes (because of market volatility) with Bayesian Markets that is extended to 15 minutes because their bespoke algorithms evaluate slippage before any trades are made to ensure customers are protected. No other company offers this depth of service and protection.

  • Bayesian Markets is lead by Steven Walt, previously Head of OTC at Paycase Financial and National Bank (Canada). Prior to Bayesian Markets, was the Head of OTC at Paycase Financial, a technology company in the digital asset space. Prior to Paycase Financial, he was an Equity Research Associate at National Bank Financial in the Technology sector and separately at an Oil & Gas Hedge Fund. In the world of digital assets: Steven started mining in 2012, has been investing and trading ever since.
  • Steven commented: “What is very clear to anybody trading in digital assets for a while is, its risky. Now, of course, any trading is never without risk but, equally, with the technology available today there is no need for digital asset trading to be viewed as any different from, say, a stock exchange trade. We are very confident that Bayesian Markets offer traders tools that cut risk while also avoiding slippage and liquidity issues that have been traditionally prevalent in the industry.”

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