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Multi-Utility Coinbond Token Goes Live on P2B

Multi-Utility Coinbond Token Goes Live on P2B

Coinbond Token (CBD) is a Binance Smart Chain powered BEP-20 token with multiple utilities. It is now available for trade on P2B, an international centralized exchange based in Lithuania, which has successfully launched over 1,000 crypto projects over the past 5 years. Trading officially opened on October 12th with a 50 million CBD supply for the session. The listing is an important milestone for CoinBond on its journey to become a key player in Metaverse, NFT, and the virtual gaming ecosystem. After the successful completion of the IEO round, the team is in process of listing CBD on other tier-1 exchanges.

Coinbond is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform that provides various financial services based on Blockchain technology like staking, NFT, play-to-earn gaming, Metaverse, Web3.0, etc. Since its launch, Coinbond has striven to offer its users access to multiple utilities, including Coinbond Token (CBD) as its first product, all to help its users leverage the blockchain and generate wealth.

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As many traditional investors may already know, utility tokens are already a very popular product in the blockchain world. At its core, the utility tokens provide token holders with access to privileged services and products within the Coinbond ecosystem. With this in mind, the company is building a metaverse, NFT, and virtual gaming ecosystem around the Coinbond token.

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About Coinbond Ecosystem

Coinbond is a trusted, one-step blockchain platform offering the most diverse and advanced blockchain products. With its seasoned industry veterans and crypto native executives with great industry experience, Coinbond plans to offer one of the industry’s best blockchain experiences. The company aims to do the following:

Staking –The company plans to give users the power to earn rewards on their cash and CBD holdings. The users will be able to start staking in just a couple of clicks and automatically earn rewards each week. Users will be able to instantly unstake at any time with no penalties.

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