Conservis Farm Software & Red Wing Software Announce Easy Accounting Data Import
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Conservis Farm Software & Red Wing Software Announce Easy Accounting Data Import

Growers can quickly sync their financial & farm data within Conservis, providing a full financial picture of their operation

In the midst of an uncertain economy coupled with a downward trend in commodity prices, farmers are forced to deal with rising input costs, volatile weather and global trade wars. Growers need the ability to layer accounting data on top of operational data to ensure decisions are made based on true costs. Today, farmers have a time-saving import option allowing data from CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture by Red Wing Software to be mapped and imported into Conservis.

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  • Analyze farm costs and revenue with a full financial picture.
  • Improve overall financial accuracy within Conservis.
  • Remove manual data entry.

“When we sync our accounting data into Conservis, it ties everything together because Conservis does an excellent job of tracking our inputs, whether it’s inventory or field applications,” stated Kim Brown, Financial Specialist, Cornerstone Family Farms. “To be able to put our financials on top of that to see the whole picture of how our operation is doing financially and operationally has been great.”

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Most users import expense and revenue information from a CenterPoint profit and loss statement, although the import is customizable and allows any data fields to be imported. Using the import option consists of mapping expense and income categories one time only, taking about ten minutes. Once the initial mapping is done, the data is imported monthly, or whenever is desired by the farmer and takes about three minutes.

“Having a complete financial picture in Conservis allows a high-level glance of what is going on,” said Kim Brown, Financial Specialist, Cornerstone Family Farms. “You can dig down into the details if you want to, but it gives you a broad picture of where your operation was, where it is, and where you expect it to go. Having the tools to compare your 2019 budget to 2020, and then forecasting into 2021 and having it all together on one page is invaluable.”

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