Electronic Commerce Associates Inc Expansion to US Market

Electronic Commerce Associates Inc Expansion to US Market

Electronic Commerce Associates Inc. (ECA), a global payment processing service provider, announced new plans to offer its services to clients who are residents of the US, by expanding its operations into the US market. Driven by a growing demand for payment processing services, this trend is expected to continue in the coming years.

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“Our potential US-based partners are offered a unique opportunity, and those who are the first to seize it, will benefit the most,” said Kevin Sanders, Vice President, North America, ECA. “ECA’s advanced payment processing systems combine practical business operations with the development and implementation that span strategic planning, operations management, revenue and cost optimization, moving the industry forward to a more secure and financially prosperous future and changing people’s perceptions of how the industry operates.”

“Since its foundation in 2015, ECA has been growing rapidly, offering ground-breaking payment processing solutions to small, mid-sized and large enterprises worldwide,” continues Sanders. “We have already launched several successful payment platforms that are widely used by merchants, businesses and banks throughout Europe and Asia. Now we are adapting our products to meet the needs of our North American clients.”

ECA collaborates with the leading American and international payment processing institutions and their payment processing offers are now available to American customers. For more information, please visit www.ecommassociates.com or contact Electronic Commerce Associates Inc. customer support.

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