Envestnet | MoneyGuide Launches MoneyGuideEngine – API-Based Financial Planning

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Envestnet | MoneyGuide announced the launch of MoneyGuideEngine, a repertoire of financial algorithms that offer the same capabilities that power the industry’s No. 1 financial planning solution. MoneyGuideEngine is now available and accessible to any personal finance-based digital offerings.

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“Essentially, we are now enabling firms to integrate our tried and tested ‘calculation brain,’ or the central API engine that makes Envestnet | MoneyGuide tick, within their own planning software offerings and products,” said Tony Leal, President of Envestnet | MoneyGuide. “This means firms and advisors can own the fun part of creating the client planning experience, and they can rely on our award-winning APIs for the boring, yet essential, math and algorithms that connect the dots of the financial plan.”

MoneyGuideEngine can help firms save time and worry less about maintaining financial projections—giving them more time to focus on client experience. MoneyGuide’s financial projections are highly configurable, enabling firms to provide reliable financial advice based on their own views regarding capital markets.

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Examples: The Power of MoneyGuideEngine

1. Goal-Based Investing: Firms can create their own digital experiences to get clients involved in the financial planning process. The MoneyGuideEngine can support projections to help a client understand savings progress towards a goal.

2. Long-Term Financial Planning: The MoneyGuideEngine is specialized to perform long-term projections to plan for the rest of one’s financial future. For example, the MoneyGuideEngine can calculate tax-efficient withdrawal strategies, provide insights related to possible future life insurance needs, and more.

3. Self-Directed Planning: The MoneyGuideEngine can handle a variety of financial topics, some of which may be appropriate for a client to address without an advisor. A firm could present substantial client-direct experiences on their website rather than just textual education.

“The APIs available via MoneyGuideEngine can run a wide range of financial planning calculations and provide options and insights and the firm can decide how those are presented to clients,” said Mr. Leal. “This means any firm interested in creating their own financial planning tools can now run on MoneyGuide’s brain.”

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