Expensify Rounds Out Its Preaccounting Platform With Enhanced Invoicing And Bill Pay

Expensify Rounds Out Its Preaccounting Platform With Enhanced Invoicing And Bill Pay

Businesses can now send invoices, pay bills, book travel, and manage expenses – all within Expensify.

Expensify, the world’s most popular preaccounting platform, announced enhanced invoicing functionality for customers to easily manage their accounts receivable while saving time and money. This update comes shortly after Expensify unveiled support for bill payments, where customers can receive, track, approve, and pay bills. Now, businesses can manage accounts payable and receivable all in one place – making the preaccounting process easier for all.

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As David Barrett, founder and CEO of Expensify, explains it, “Preaccounting is the super boring, tedious work that nobody wants to do, but absolutely needs to be done before the truly valuable accounting work can begin. Unlike accounting, preaccounting is less defined in terms of who is responsible so it often falls victim to a tragedy of the commons. Now, Expensify lifts the burden for everyone with total automation.”

Using the same patented technology built for expenses, Expensify’s SmartScan now instantly captures details from vendor bills for automatic approval and payment. Users can also create and send invoices and receive payments via Expensify, which then syncs automatically with QuickBooks Online, Xero, and NetSuite.

Barrett continues, “We’re the first to build a product that recognizes that every invoice you send is a bill that someone else receives. Bills and invoices, together at last – solving AP and AR end-to-end with the same platform. Expensify is truly a one-stop shop for everything a business needs to run its back office.”

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