Exploring Investor Relations Software and Their Benefits

Exploring “Investor Relations” Software and Their Benefits with Mentions On Top Globally Known Providers

Combining finance, communication and marketing, investor relations (IR) centralizes the communication between a public company, its stakeholders and the key investors.

Constant upkeep of investor relations is also important because investors play a crucial role in the success of the organization. As they are crucial to the success of the organization, it is necessary for the organization to maintain strong and transparent relations with their investors, all the time. This is the place where the investor relation management department gains its importance.

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To settle the woes of investor relations, there are now plenty reliable investor relations software that are not only good but offer a great hand to maintain likely relations with business investors.

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Let us explore a few: 

  1. Alta Return

Founded in the year 2008, AltaReturn quickly became a leading software solutions provider in the market. AltaReturn offers everything from accounting to business intelligence, and an investment portal coupled with critical insights for the business under one umbrella. It is a favorable investment relations platform for single and multi- family offices.

  1. Marketwired

With Marketwired, a company can achieve a lot of things starting from media targeting, press release distribution, financial disclosure, influencer engagement with the help of its software solutions for investor relations, PR and marketers. The online coverage of the investments becomes easier with Marketwired.

  1. CB insights

One can use CB insights as an investment sourcing platform. The system is so designed that the user can identify new companies along with benchmarking the traction of the existing companies. The data analytics of CB insights can help to obtain the contact information of the key executives. This is also a great platform for general market research.

  1. Dynamo 2100

With a customizable and easily configurable process that allows the users to cater to their deal management and investment research needs, Dynamo 2100 can serve core investor relationship goals. It is loaded with features that include superior document management capabilities, extensible data model, improved collaboration, and delivers superior reporting to drive better investment management processes for the company.

  1. Foundersuite

Foundersuite is known as a good software to raise venture capital. Fundraising coupled with maintaining good investor relations becomes easy and convenient with Foundersuite. The main features of the software are maintaining an investor CRM, database, investor updates, and creating an interactive investor dashboard where all information can be retrieved easily.

  1. Ledgex

Ledgex is a favorable software for multi asset allocators. Along with helping in private investment tracking, it is also good at creating general ledger, mission control, and offers predictive analysis from the data. Ledgex helps users track their commitment funding automatically without re-entering the data.

  1. Navatar IR

Maintaining IR (investor relations) is the ultimate aim behind creating and developing Navatar IR. It is an excellent investor relations and deal management software that offers a business platform specific for your requirements. The solutions offered are tailor made, simple and help you empower your business engine.

  1. Q4

Q4 offers a complete suite of customized investor relations tools & services for each business’s needs. Q4 engage, target and help you acquire quality investors as fast as possible. Q4 offers a single solution to simplify the workflow and integrate all the analytics, relationship management and monitoring tools under one umbrella.

  1. Irwin

Irwin is recognized as the next generation investor relation platform for small and mid-sized companies. Where all the data is taken care of by the software, the companies can actually focus on building deeper investor relations and in growing the investor base. There are two versions of the software available for corporates and consultants.

  1. Obsidian CRM

Obsidian CRM is an intelligent software tool designed and built for financial firms. Obsidian can offer an excellent base to manage CRM, investor portals, SmartDocs, business intelligence all in one easy to use software. Being one of the full suite CRM for finance, Obsidian also offers a fully automated reporting to strengthen your finances thereby improving the relations with the investors.

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Investor relations software performs some of the critical tasks such as data centralization, creating automated reports, managing CRM, offering detailed investor transactions and valuations. These software tools work at your finger tip to offer valuable insights leading to a strengthened business bond with investors.


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