Fight to Fame Combines Blockchain Tech, Movies and Sports to Revolutionize MMA Industry

Fight to Fame Combines Blockchain Tech, Movies and Sports to Revolutionize MMA Industry

Fight to Fame’s Innovative Offering Will Merge Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Cryptocurrency and Major Motion Pictures. Media Ambassadors Carlos Kremer and Teca Thompson Say the Promotion Will Engage Both Viewers, Investors and Competitors. the Duo Will Be Hosting Global Press Conferences That, in Part, Show How Fight to Fame Is Poised to Revolutionize How the Mma Industry Operates.

It is crucial for modern sporting events to engage both competitors and viewers. Athletes will want the rewards to outweigh the risks and viewers will want to feel a certain level of participation in the outcome. Fight to Fame, a mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion that will combine cryptocurrency, Hollywood film opportunities and well-known MMA fighters, has all these corners covered – and more.

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This all-encompassing approach will revolutionize the aforementioned industries, according to media ambassadors Carlos Kremer and Teca Thompson. Carlos Kremer, known as “The Roaring Lion” and considered to be the top host/MC in all of the entertainment industry, is also a decorated US Marine Corps captain who earned two US Navy achievement medals for honor and valor. He will be joined by former Maxim model Teca Thompson, who was one of the youngest-ever Peace Ambassadors to be appointed to a foreign country. As global press conference hosts, the two will be able to give Fight to Fame fans in-depth information about competitors, cryptocurrency and film opportunities.

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Here’s how Fight to Fame will revolutionize the film, financial and sporting sectors it has brought together:

  • The competitors: As a global promotion, those with a background in MMA can enter Fight to Fame. Ideally, they will progress through three stages of competition, training and exhibition of skills. The stage is set for a worldwide event and Fight to Fame encourages those who want to launch their career to enter. Progressing through Fight to Fame will boost name-recognition for competitors as well as expose them to new opponents and worthwhile training.
  • Viewer participation: The Bitcoin phenomenon provided wide exposure to blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and “mining” of digital currency. Fight to Fame is making the most of blockchain tech by using it to safeguard votes for competitors. Moreover, Fight to Fame has launched tokens in more than 100 countries that legally support cryptocurrency.
  • Hollywood-ready: The “stars” of today’s action movies have arguably been around for a decade or two too long. It’s time to introduce fresh faces into the mix and those who make it to the final phase of the Fight to Fame promotion could take the lead role in an upcoming major motion picture. What better way to prove one’s strength than going through intensive training that the viewing public can watch and vote on?
  • Star power: Another crucial component of the promotion is the inclusion of well-known MMA ambassadors. These include global light-heavyweight boxing champion Prince Badi Ajamu; welterweight champion Chris van Heerden; Brazil Jiu-Jitsu world champion Rigan Machado; former Strikeforce Champion, UFC veteran and Champion Ambassador for Vietnam, Cung Le; as well as Roy Jones Jr., considered the top pound-for-pound boxer on the planet for more than a decade.

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