Financial Inclusion through IoT Platforms

Internet of Things, or IoT, platforms handle management tasks and data visualisation that allows users to automate their environment. IoT platforms help users to connect hardware, handle hardware and software protocols, provide security, collect, and analyse data while connecting to existing business systems and web services.

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IoT in Banking and Financial Services

Customers and consumers all around the world use all kinds of smart devices for accessing different kinds of services to access data. Banks and other financial service providers have also used technology to allow users to access and view customer finances in real-time. The development of IoT in the financial sphere has been made possible with the convergence of technology and information. 

The Internet of Payment is a system where payments are initiated and processed over IoT objects. A large number of fintech providers are using IoT to accumulate data and conduct financial services on a large scale. Users across the globe are using smart features for health, security, and convenience. Some benefits of using IoT for financial services include: –

  • Services that are focused on customers. IoT allows financial service providers to connect with customers by collecting data or information. New customers are discovered based on the data, and through the data, companies can provide services that are personalised to the needs of the customer.
  • Decision making is more accurate. One of the major benefits of IoT is working with data. Companies can accumulate data that is necessary for any financial service like credit risk assessments. Exhaustive profiles can easily be created by addressing the needs of customers based on KYC and AML compliance.
  • Possibilities. Smart connectivity is also possible through IoT. Customers can track their spending analysis by connecting their wearables with different banking apps or fintech apps. Monthly limits can be set this way and ensure that the limit is not exceeded by blocking spending over a certain amount if needed. This increases speed and convenience while shopping.
  • Synergy between financial gadgets. Fintech providers allow the automation of cashless payments and turns ‘things’ to platforms where transactions can be made. IoT will also allow the analysis of spending habits of the customer, assisting individuals by different companies and providers by providing highly curated services and promote shared investing.

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How does IoT provide financial services?

There are many ways that IoT can be used to provide financial services to users. These include:

  • Banks can use IoT to collect data to ensure that ATMs are used to their highest efficiency.
  • Financial service providers can get information on the customer’s needs with the help of IoT.
  • Real-time data on market fluctuations provided by IoT helps banks locate their ATMs at convenient locations.
  • Customers can get information about locations of different branches to avail their financial services through IoT.
  • Consultants can provide high quality customer service by getting real-time data from consumers.
  • IoT allows pairing with wearables to be possible. This technology will transform how customers are allowed to pay bills and speed up the transaction process, while increasing quality and security.
  • Clients can check the status of bank loans or of their account through contact-less methods.
  • IoT systems increase security by providing financial service providers with the ability to track and analyse user data and activity. Any behaviour that seems suspicious will result in the temporary disablement of the account.

Top Providers of IoT that are Enabling Financial Services

  • CSG

CSG provides revenue management and digital monetisation. Consumers can make payments and have engaging solutions with the help of CSG.

  • Rogue Wave Software

Now a part of Perforce Software, this software technology program provides collaboration, control, speed, and freedom to consumers.

  • MagicCube

This software provider provides and facilitates mobile payments, connected cars and PIN on glass transactions.

  • Avaamo

Avaamo is a software company that provides an interface that allows consumers to solve specific and high-impact problems. Avaamo uses AI technology that has neural networks and speech synthesis that gives conversational computing a reality.

  • Sigmaways

Sigmaways give clients the ability to get the next-generation digital services and consulting. They offer services that are compelling and make a difference in the lives of the consumer.

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There is no doubt that financial inclusion through IoT Platforms has gathered significant pace, and the trend is expected to continue in the future as well. With FinTech IoT providers readily adopting the latest technology, significant improvements in the quality of service is a certainty.


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