Fintech SaaS Company ‘AskMyAdvisor™’ Introduces Innovative Digital Solution to Help Solve The COVID Disruption of In-Person Advisory Services for Accountants, Attorneys, Financial Advisors and Realtors

New FinTech App from AskMyAdvisor to Revolutionize How Advisors Trigger Around-The-Clock Referrals

AskMyAdvisor™ recently announced the launch of its new Q&A Web Page Builder specifically designed to help professional advisors seamlessly address questions and needs from their top 25 clients and make instant connections to potential referrals, without having to set up in-person meetings.

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Though there are other services that create web pages to collect client and referral data, AskMyAdvisor™ is the first service to cater only to professional advisors while providing all these client building services under one umbrella. AskMyAdvisor™ was created from 20,000+ hours of R&D over the past 10 years, and is currently taking on a limited number of beta testers and going live imminently.

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Developed by Brian Ouellette – retired financial advisor, SaaS developer, and founder of Pro Athlete Direct™ – AskMyAdvisor™ is a rapid Q&A Web Page Builder that allows professional  advisors to create a personalized, Q&A web page where their top clients and referrals can ask questions, get 2nd opinions or inquire about retaining services.

For an advisor, setting up their AskMyAdvisor™ Q&A Web Page requires no technical expertise and can be created with just a few keystrokes, generating a customized Q&A Web Page & URL in under 15 minutes. This Q&A Web Page instantly becomes an additional communication channel to the advisor for their clients and their clients’ vast centers of influence (COI), opening access to scores of potential referrals without the advisor having to ask for them.

“COVID has been an absolute game-changer, disrupting services across the globe. And this has been keenly felt by those in professions that rely heavily upon in-person meetings and client referrals–the lifeblood of a successful advisor,” said Brian Ouellette, Founder of AskMyAdvisor™.

“While this has made meeting with clients challenging, it’s certainly not a new problem. We all know there are many clients who rarely reach out to us because they didn’t ‘want to bother us,’ or neglect to send a referral because they think the advisor’s too busy. And as a retired financial advisor, I can tell you: many advisors continue to assume that these clients will reach out and call when they have a question or a referral situation– when often, they don’t. This gap in communication represents countless lost opportunities. AskMyAdvisor™ is the workaround for this problem, creating a low-barrier of entry for both established clients and their potential referrals to easily connect with us online anytime, anywhere, 24/7.”

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