GlobalFintechSeries Interview with Nicky Senyard, CEO and Founder of Fintel Connect

Developing the right brand voice while being able to communicate your core positioning and value-add effectively can be challenging in fintech given the pace at which technologies and capabilities evolve here. In this interview, Nicky Senyard, CEO and Founder of Fintel Connect, a performance marketing company specializing in the financial services industry shares some tips that can help!


Can you tell us a little about yourself Nicky?

I’m originally from Australia and now living in Vancouver, Canada having originally moved to Montreal 18 years ago now. My husband is my business partner and we have worked together for over 20 years. We’ve exited our first technology business and now on to growing our second.

I really enjoy building niche businesses, am passionate about problem solving and have a natural curiosity for anything that relates to business growth.

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How did the idea of Fintel Connect come about?

Fintel Connect has actually evolved from a different business.  About six years ago one of Canada’s big six banks approached us to help them with their online growth. Not long after, another top tier FI became a client. Four years after this we exited our primary business and the forerunner to Fintel Connect was too big an opportunity to pass up.  At this point we dove in deep – new technology, new branding and new name – with a strategic focus on driving value and growth specifically for the financial services sector (did I mention I like niche?)

Given the challenges and new demands in finance / fintech and especially the current challenges attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’d love to hear a little about some top marketing and sales best practices for smaller to mid-sized fintech companies: what should they be doing more of during these challenging times?

I believe a business has the best opportunity for growth when it can leverage existing relationships or connections.  This combined with the fact that referral sales are always the most cost-effective and efficient – the best suggestion I can make is start with what you have.  This means work your network by being helpful and solutions-orientated for your clients, suppliers, advisors and industry influencers.  In tandem with this, gently expand your digital footprint – both paid and organic.

What are some of the biggest innovations in finance and fintech that according to you (and given your time leading campaigns for known brands in this space) are set to reshape the marketplace?

We are seeing the impact of narrow casting – where finance and fintech solutions can address unique, niche needs in the marketplace that other broader solutions can’t address. Lenders with unique underwriting processes to help newly landed immigrants, gig works and the underbanked. This is definitely an area for opportunity and disruption and being able to target these unique audiences through digital channels from an education standpoint.

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We’d love to know a little about some of your most successful brand strategies and campaigns for this space…tell us some highlights?

One of the most powerful aspects of affiliate marketing is the ability to educate audiences as they go through their buying journey. We try and apply that for each of the brands we work with to create the best user journey and ultimately the best results in terms of customer conversions. We find alignments with niche sites that target specific segments our clients are looking for and build out from there. Dedicated mailers tend to work really well, especially when affiliates have the opportunity to personalize emails based on available data.

When it comes to fintech and innovations in finance platforms: what predictions do you have for the near-future?

There is vast array of financial brands in North America that have been ignoring or only just starting to dabble in the digital economy.  COVID-19 has shown digital frontier is no longer out there.  It’s here and now.  Those institutions, businesses or ideas that will come out winners are the ones with authentic messaging, accessible products and the fearlessness to cautiously experiment.  People have been driven online.  Now is the time to be of service where they are.

As a parting thought, would you like to share specific finance management or business tips for our readers?

There has been a silver lining for us with COVID-19, which is that it’s given us a moment to pause and really focus on what is important. When you’re a fintech in growth mode, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the business, and it’s important to remember to come above the noise and back to basics, especially when efficiencies may be needed in the short-term. This means looking at the foundational aspects of our businesses like goals, measurement, transparency and reporting, and what learnings we can pull from to implement in the future. It is always good to be curious and building a business takes courage to lean in without guarantees. Trust what you know and always be open to pivot because our purpose generally always happens where we least expect it!






Fintel Connect is a performance marketing company that helps banks and fintechs acquire net new customers in a results-based way. This means not paying for impressions or clicks with no guarantee of return. Instead, with performance marketing you only pay once the customer becomes a customer. We help financial institutions do this through our network of financially-focused digital outlets (websites, blogs) and influencers, which promote the financial institutions’ products and services. Our technology gives banks and fintechs the tools to track and measure these real customers sign-ups and understand where your marketing budget is really working for you.

Nicky Senyard is the CEO and Founder of Fintel Connect, a performance marketing company specializing in the financial services industry. Nicky has been an influencer and leader within the affiliate space for the past 15 years, with the goals of creating contribution and growth for Fintel Connect clients and partners. She has driven the organization to become a leading performance marketing network dedicated to serving the North American financial services space, with clients such as Scotiabank, EQ Bank, and Borrowell. She has done so through her innate ability to anticipate and innovate in line with market trends.

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