GVG Calls on Decision Makers to Seize the Potential of Big Data

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While the Covid crisis has stressed the need to regulate and secure the telecoms sector and the dematerialized transactions ecosystem, Global Voice Group(GVC), a global provider of ICT and RegTech solutions for governments and regulatory bodies, wishes to raise awareness among decision makers about the urgent need to equip themselves with monitoring tools for the sake of transparency and securing these sectors, which are crucial for economies.

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Explosion of data volumes, multiplicity of sources, lack of storage space, cybersecurity issues, lack of expertise to analyze and interpret this information, difficulty in converting it into actionable information, high costs… The challenges raised by Big data exploitation are numerous. As the world faces the second wave of the pandemic and everything calls for greater use of digital tools, it is urgent to adapt and strengthen the systems for regulating voice and data exchanges. Under the combined effects of increased data flows and economic crisis, decision makers must more than ever rely on precise and real-time data to support them in their strategic decisions.

In order to raise awareness on the challenges of the digitization of regulatory tools such as securing State revenues, limiting fraud and other risks associated with mobile money, GVG will hold on 27 October at 4pm CEST a virtual event session under the theme “Regulating through Big data”. Intended for regulators and financial intelligence services, this webinar will explore the potential of Big data for strategic decision-making.

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It will be the opportunity to highlight how Big data analysis can impact decision making in key economic sectors, and how crucial it is for States to tackle its potential. Indeed, With 22 years of experience serving governments, regulatory authorities and central banks in emerging countries, the company benefits from a comprehensive know-how of these issues, which are tackled through solutions ranging from data collection to oversee ICTs with Visio Suite to regulating digital transactions with FinX. With one and the same goal: transforming data into actionable information.

“While the period we are going through highlights the increased need to put Big data analysis at the center of decision-making, there is a momentum to understand the performance and the challenges of real-time data analysis through digital platforms, which have already proven their capabilities in emerging countries,” says James Claude, CEO of the company.

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