Money Experience Named As Hybrid Learning Resource For Impact Global Education’s Flexible Higher Education Solution

Money Experience Named As Hybrid Learning Resource For Impact Global Education's Flexible Higher Education Solution

Money Experience, the innovative edtech company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, today announced its partnership with Domain, a flexible and affordable higher education solution from Impact Global Education, a leader in hands-on learning. Domain is innovating education during the COVID-19 pandemic, and as part of the partnership, Money Experience’s Essentials program will be included as a virtual learning resource in the Life Skills section of the platform.

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With many colleges and universities unlikely to reopen as expected this fall, Domain offers a flexible and affordable alternative. Developed by the education experts at Impact Global Education, Domain was designed for young adults who are interested in making better decisions about the next phase of their life, whether they choose college or another competency-based path.

Money Experience’s Essentials program, which is designed for high school students, college students and young adults, gives users hands-on experience making financial decisions. It utilizes an interactive life simulator to walk users through the arc of life’s different moments – all the way through to retirement – and allows them to explore how each decision they make can impact not only their long-term financial health, but also their near- and long-term lifestyle goals.

“Money Experience is exactly the type of virtual resource we were hoping to offer our users,” said Steve Fox, CEO of Domain. “Its digital, self-paced program helps students make better, more informed decisions about money, which is one of the most important life skills a student can acquire – especially now that financial uncertainty is at an all-time high.”

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