Neudata Introduces MetaHub, A Metadata Storage and Management Tool

Neudata Introduces MetaHub, A Metadata Storage and Management Tool

Neudata has announced the launch of MetaHub, a metadata storage tool that allows clients to manage their entire library of traditional, market and alternative data sources in one, easy-to-access place.

“This Software-as-a-Service tool solves several problems related to data storage and management within large firms, including the generation of investment ideas for portfolio managers and analysts, the facilitation of alternative data adoption across different internal teams, and the organization of workflow and communication between central data strategy teams and various investment pods,” said Rado Lipuš, CEO and founder of Neudata.

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“These types of functionality are essential for data users across large organizations who want to organize and manage their approach to data,” he added.

MetaHub is comprised of two main functions — a metadata uploader tool and a data permissioning tool.

The metadata uploader tool allows clients to add information on new datasets to the MetaHub platform, which shows up in user-generated reports that live alongside Neudata’s library of over 3,500 datasets. Within these reports, users can annotate datasets, add and share key information like vendor contact details and pricing across the organization, and track dataset performance within their investment strategies over time.

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MetaHub’s permissioning tool sets up admin users — who can add, change, and hide information about a dataset — and standard users, who are able to see the information that admins enable for them. “This feature works particularly well if a centralized data team wants to manage the way that specific portfolio managers interact with the firm’s data assets,” Lipuš said.

Data stored within the MetaHub platform is inaccessible to any users outside the owner’s organization, including members of the Neudata research team. All customer data is encrypted at rest using AES-GCM with 256-bit encryption keys and Neudata periodically reviews industry best practices to ensure algorithms and implementations are updated.

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