New Affordable Cybersecurity Services Offered With CyberStout

New Affordable Cybersecurity Services Offered With CyberStout

President and founder of Modern Security Service (MSS), a Division of Modern Insight, LLC, Shane Miller this week announced the availability of the affordable CyberStout Cyber Defense Security service offering

CyberStout will be leveraged by MSS for small to mid-sized (SME) professional services (law, accounting, architectural, financial, property management) firms, hospitality (restaurant, lodging, entertainment) firms and manufacturing companies seeking to attain a manageable Cyber Risk Profile.

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The CyberStout approach takes federally recognized standards outlined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-171, coupled with industry-specific recommended best practices and DoD-mandated requirements, to ensure any type of business can reduce and manage their Cyber Risk Profile. MSS tailors the CyberStout™ approach so each organization implements only the necessary controls, associated automated tools and procedures of the company’s unique IT ecosystem to reduce operating risk. The MSS website provides additional resources to educate business leaders about cybersecurity threats, mitigation processes and the current risks faced by industry.

“With our CyberStout approach, small to mid-sized companies can now attain a Cyber Risk Profile that meets the same standards implemented by the big companies without the huge investment,” explained Miller. “The main difference in our approach, aside from being affordable, is the coordination, scheduling, and execution of CyberStout™ that ensures the NIST standards and industry-specific best practices are applied only as required.” Kyle Reese, Cybersecurity Director of Operations, added, “CyberStout takes years of DoD public investment in cybersecurity business processes engineering and brings it to bear to the masses, in this case, small to mid-sized companies who are most at risk in cyberspace.”

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Currently, MSS is focusing its efforts on supporting small to mid-sized firms utilizing CyberStout tailored to their specific industry and needs. MSS also services DoD contractors, who will be mandated to become CMMC Certified in 2020, to achieve their required certification level. MSS has the expertise to help businesses implement internal Cybersecurity Risk Management controls to ensure their business processes support manageable risk and a measurable return on investment. MSS is also investing internally in the development of new innovative software solutions to enable its CyberStout approach to be even more effective using advanced automation tools.

“Every company is vulnerable, regardless of how sophisticated their IT ecosystem is set up,” concluded Miller. “Only by implementing recognized standards as well as industry-specific recommended controls and measures, can your Cyber Risk Profile be effectively managed.”

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