New Silver Announces Reintroduction Of 30 Year Fixed Rent Program

The data-driven loan originator has newly-updated loan products available to borrowers

New Silver (, the hard money lender behind the free FlipScout property-finding tool, has recently announced that their 30 Year Rent loan program is now available with updated terms and conditions. Created for stabilized properties, this loan product has returned following temporary suspension due to COVID-19.

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“Our 30-year Rent program enables borrowers to buy or refinance their long-term residential properties with no hassle. Following a short pause related to the pandemic, we have been able to reactivate the program with updated parameters. As with all New Silver loans, interested borrowers can apply for and get approved for this loan online, within 10 minues,” stated Kirill Bensonoff, Chief Operations Officer at New Silver.

New Silver is an established lender focused on providing lending services and financial solutions for real estate investors in various states across the U.S and provides real estate entrepreneurs with quick and reliable funding for residential and small balance commercial projects. I’m addition, New Silver has recently made available a number of complementary products such as the BRRRR Calculator, FlipScout and the Rental Calculator.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming back buy and hold investors and our team is ready to help them achieve their investment goals,” added Bensonoff.


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