Pacific Coast Capital Streamlines Asset-Based Lending With Crowd Machine

Pacific Coast Capital Streamlines Asset-Based Lending With Crowd Machine

Cloud Native Application Enables Remote Access not available in most systems, Real-Time Transparency between Lender and Customer, and Ease of Implementation.

Crowd Machine, the leading provider of Platform-as-a-Service solutions for cross-cloud integration of enterprise applications with rapid no-code development, and Pacific Coast Capital LLC announced Pacific Coast Capital is leveraging Crowd Machine’s custom Asset-Based Lending (ABL) solution to enable real-time transparency for lenders and customers.

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Pacific Coast Capital Streamlines Asset-Based Lending #ABL w/ @Crowd_Machine #nocode applications, enabling real-time transparency for lenders & clients.

Working with Crowd Machine developers, Pacific Coast Capital was able to collaborate on a rapidly customized version of the Crowd Machine ABL solution. The Crowd Machine solution enables lenders to access all credit and legal information, from one central repository, via the cloud. The application provides dynamic, real-time information so both customers and lenders can see the status of loan funds used to date, and make determinations on additional funding if funded.

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“Our customers can go online and see every day where they are, via the Crowd Machine cloud-based ABL application. It cuts down on customer inquiries, since the data is transparent and accessible always, in real time,” said Dave Drogos, Pacific Coast Capital co-founder.

When Pacific Coast Capital was founded 5 years ago, Drogos searched for an application solution that met their goals of highly efficient asset based lending. Having worked with an earlier iteration of the technology at a previous company, Drogos revisited Crowd Machine and found the custom development process and final product very accommodating.

“It’s amazingly intuitive to get a new customer up and running,” said Drogos. “Borrowers can learn the system in just an hour of training. Even the non-technical clients are good at using the system.” Installation of the system was also easy for Pacific Coast Capital. Within 7-10 days the system can be set up and all necessary reports populated, including implementation of customized reports and features.

“Crowd Machine’s mission is to help companies like Pacific Coast Capital develop the custom applications they need to be more competitive and successful,” said Crowd Machine CEO James Hanley. “By using no-code, we can customize and develop the Crowd Machine ABL application for customers in a few days – exponentially faster than typical, tedious development cycles.”

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