Panoramix Launches “Asynchronous Processing” To Streamline Workflows and Enhance Usability


Panoramix, an innovative advisor technology platform focused on performance reporting and billing, announced today a new technology architecture, “Asynchronous Processing” that will provide advisors with new efficiencies and time savings through parallel processing of data intensive workflows.

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As a result of this new innovation, advisors are able to initiate a data intensive process in Panoramix, such as Book of Business reports, Quarterly Billing and other firm-wide workflows, while at the same time being able to run reports, respond to client requests and access key information in the Panoramix environment.

“With this new improvement in Panoramix, advisors no longer need to wait until a big project such as quarterly billings are complete in order to access other functionalities in Panoramix,” said Chris Hastings, CEO of Panoramix. “Now advisors can simply submit these types of large processes in Panoramix and go about their business of working with clients and managing their firm operations. This will be a tremendous time saver for our clients and we are very excited to be able to continue to invest in the platform to make Panoramix even more useful and valuable.

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Asynchronous Processing is currently available for Billing workflows, with Book of Business Reports/Blotters available later in Q1 2021 and Batch Reports in Q2 2021.

Features such as Asynchronous Processing show continued innovation and investment by Panoramix; and is why Panoramix has been named the number one application for advisor satisfaction in the annual T3 Advisor Technology Survey for the past two consecutive years.

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