Patriot Software Implements Machine Learning to Simplify Accounting

Patriot Software Implements Machine Learning to Simplify Accounting

Patriot’s Accounting Software now makes “Smart Suggestions” using exclusive machine learning breakthrough.

Patriot Software, an accounting software and payroll company, has implemented machine learning through the launch of its “Smart Suggestion” feature.

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The company’s incorporation of machine learning into its accounting software streamlines the customer experience. Patriot Smart Suggestion provides accounting customers with automatic expense account suggestions when they import transactions (e.g., certain withdrawals). The suggestions are based on significant aggregate data.

Instead of manually selecting the account for each imported transaction, the software uses machine learning to make account suggestions based on popular account categories, saving customers from the monotony of manual selections. Those who do not want to use the feature can simply turn it off.

“Our team is so excited about the launch of our first artificial intelligence project! It was great to work on something that will be such a time-saver for many customers,” says Jackie Greenfield, Product Manager.

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Patriot’s Smart Suggestion feature will be especially helpful to accounting customers importing up to two years worth of bank transactions. To ensure higher accuracy where predictions are made, the software only uses results with a reasonably high confidence. Patriot’s customers can accept or dismiss the suggestions, and the software continues learning with each of these interactions.

“In addition to automating repetitive tasks for our customers, we see a ton of opportunity for machine learning to further streamline Patriot’s daily processes,” says Asher McCune, Senior Solutions Architect.

Patriot plans to use machine learning to ease other tedious aspects of accounting and payroll for customers. In addition, the company is looking at incorporating machine learning internally to increase customer insights, enhance marketing efforts, and streamline repetitive processes.

The adoption of machine learning follows the company’s recent release of several new accounting software features aimed at improving the customer experience.


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