Payment Solutions that are Enabling Seamless Business and Personal Travel Experiences

Payment Software for Travel

Any kind of travel, be it business or personal, always comes with a host of known and unknown expenses. The right payment solution can make it easier to track business travel or personal travel expenses. A comprehensive payment software can help with features like tracking time, providing cost saving options by analyzing overall expenses, controlling excessive spending and more. This lets you focus on your purpose of travel rather than worrying about reimbursing your expenses or keeping track of them yourself.

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Here are a few payment solutions that can enable a better travel spending experience

  1. FisGlobal

FisGlobal is a fintech company that offers various types of payment solutions like digital payments, enterprise payments, corporate payments, credit and debit card processing, and other solutions including payment gateways. They offer tailored payment solutions that focus on travel. These solutions are designed to meet the needs of travel agents, hotels, cruise companies etc. so that they can provide a smooth payment experience to travellers.

  1. Flywire

Flywire is a payment platform that aims at making international payments easy. When travelling, Flywire handles guest payments, provides customers with a secured way to pay, offers local payment methods and secure payment experiences everywhere you go. Flywire allows payments to be collected in over 240 countries and in over 150 currencies via several methods while offering a custom platform to manage and reconcile all the payments.

  1. Amadeus

Amadeus focuses its tech solutions on the development of global travel and has been doing this for over three decades now. In addition to the other features, Amadeus offers Xchange payment program – an end-to-end payment solution for your business. The program aims at simplifying payment processes, integrating all the stakeholders, mitigating risk and providing a secured and safe experience. It also facilitates customisation of reports and insights and tracking of transactions. Amadeus also offers Amadeus B2B Wallet – a service that helps minimise the costs of B2B transactions, minimising fraud risks and is also available for Amadeus travel customers via Selling Platform, Selling Connect, Pyton, AGM, ePower and Web Services.

  1. eNett

eNett has aimed to redefine b2b payments for the travel industry. Some of the key features that eNett offers to global travel agencies are automated reconciliation for efficient payments; Each single-use eNett Virtual Account Number (VAN) payment uses a unique Mastercard number, making reconciliation easier and automatable, customised reports. VANs can be generated in 58 currencies and are accepted wherever Mastercard is accepted online, offers lower costs on international payments, rebate on every transaction. All of this makes eNett one of the leading providers of innovative b2b payment solutions.

  1. Spendesk

Spendesk is corporate expense and spend management service for small to mid-sized companies. Spendesk lets you track expenses across your company. It allows on-the-go payments by letting you pay using Spendesk like any other corporate card. If you opt for any other method like cash or other card, it enables you to take a picture of the receipt from the Spendesk app and get your money back. Some of the key features are transparency at every step of company spending, spending control; manage all the spending in one place, issues virtual debit cards for secure online spending, reimbursement management and more.

  1. Trippeo

Trippeo is a travel and expense management company that provides an automated experience of expense management throughout your trip. It helps log your expenses either manually or by taking a picture of your receipts from the in-app camera, you can also sync your credit card and expenses will automatically be uploaded. Trippeo’s expense tracking software is globally compatible and handles your taxes and currency conversions. You can track your expenses from anywhere be it your mobile or your desktop. Trippeo builds a ready to share report with all your expenses compiled in one place. Once the report is approved, Trippeo offers 24-48 hours reimbursement directly into the employees account.

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  1. Spendee

Spendee is popular finance app that helps people track their expenses and enable them to take smart decisions about their money. The app consists of an elaborated dashboard that provides insights about your expenses. The very first step is to connect your bank account or your crypto wallets or e-wallet and all your transactions get imported to Spendee after which you get an overview of your cash flow month on month. Spendee lets you set smart budgets for all of your spending categories and alerts you if you are nearing or crossing the set budget. Some other features are it allows shared wallets, supports multiple currencies, and has a dedicated support team to help you with your concerns.

  1. Egencia

Egencia is a company that offers travel services for global organisations as well as for small and medium sized organisations. The company offers various travel tools, account management, and other strategic solutions that make your travel easy. Some of the prime features offered by Egencia are travel management; by providing quick information on booking, modifying a trip, or approving employee travel, savings and analytics, customer service, business travel consulting, meeting and events, business travel compliance, traveller risk management, expense management, and much more.

  1. Wex Inc

Wex Inc is a financial technology provider of payment processing and information management solutions. Wex offers its solutions to various segments like fleet, healthcare, and travel. Wex uses virtual payments to automate supplier payments for travel agencies, travel agents, and travel companies. Here are a few ways in which Wex is streamlining corporate payments; it uses virtual card numbers for payments that reduce the risks of fraud, automates payment reconciliation process, and enables you to get dynamic pricing from your suppliers in return for real-time payments.

  1. Ixaris

Ixaris is a London based intelligent payment platform built to facilitate B2B payments. Ixaris Payments is a virtual card platform that optimises your payments to suppliers by helping the travel agencies to leverage the technology and earn rewards from every transaction they make. Ixaris offers payment applications, virtual cards, fund transfer services etc. Some of the other key features include helping in minimising frauds by using virtual cards, automated reconciliation, converting payment expenses into earnings with virtual card rewards.

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