Paysend Waives Fees for U.S. Money Transfers to 70 Countries Through October

Global payments provider waives transaction fees as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, helping global citizens send money cross-borders to loved ones

America’s 9 million expatriates, 47 million immigrants and 1 million foreign exchange students continue to navigate living abroad in the face of the novel Coronavirus and its economic impacts. So today, UK-based Paysend, the global end-to-end payment platform that connects millions of people around the world through fast, simple and affordable digital money transfers, announced it is waiving money transfer fees for United States customers throughout the month of October 2020.

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The announcement comes on the heels of Paysend’s U.S. launch, which enables American residents to securely transfer funds internationally across accounts operated in more than 70 countries within minutes — without visiting a physical bank location.

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“As people around the world struggle to financially navigate COVID-19, it is more important now than ever for every individual to have an affordable, safe and accessible way to send money internationally,” said Matt Montes, Paysend’s U.S.-based general manager. “Since the start of 2020, nearly one million new global users have joined Paysend’s platform – transferring money to loved ones around the world, without leaving the comfort and safety of their homes. Since the U.S. is home to the largest global transfer market in the world, we wanted to further accelerate peer-to-peer (P2P) payments during this difficult time by waiving transaction fees.”

To take advantage of zero-fee money transfers during the month of October, U.S. residents can download the Paysend mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. Paysend’s standard $2 transfer fee will automatically be waived through October 31, 2020 for money transfers sent from U.S. customers to international cards, bank accounts or digital wallets in more than 70 countries.

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