PriceAdvantage Releases New API – Providing Fuel Retailers Access to Vast Amounts of Data to Optimize Fuel Prices and Analyze Fuel Sales

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New API Enhances Ability for PriceAdvantage Customers to Easily Import and Export Fuel Data for Price Optimization, Management, Price Change Execution, and Advanced Analytics

PriceAdvantage, a patented software solution that helps retailers optimize and manage fuel prices, then automatically executes price changes to the POS, pumps, and price signs, announced today the release of a new API.

The API provides PriceAdvantage customers with an alternative route for exporting critical pricing data – such as all of their commodity and competitor prices, replacement and actual costs, and volumes – for use in third-party analytical tools, such as Tableau and Power BI. It also seamlessly integrates with Excel Power Query. Additionally, the PriceAdvantage API allows customers to easily import data from third-party tools into PriceAdvantage.

“At PriceAdvantage, we believe our customers own their data, and they should readily be able to access it. This is just one more way for our customers to leverage their fuel data – the way they want it when they want it,” said John Keller, PriceAdvantage Division Director. “While PriceAdvantage provides extremely robust reports and analytics, many of our customers use external, third-party tools to analyze fuel sales and gain insight into the correlation between fuel performance and the company’s overall performance.”

The API is a scalable solution – used for simple exports into Excel, or connected to advanced Business Intelligence (BI) software solutions. This scalability also equates to ease-of-use, meaning that PriceAdvantage customers do not need to rely upon IT resources to utilize the API.

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