Nonprofits are struggling to collect donations through traditional channels during the pandemic. From cancellations of large fundraising events, to declines in cash donations (for fear of COVID-19 transmission), nonprofits are challenged to rethink the conventional ways of connecting with existing and new donors. QRius Pay provides nonprofits with exciting new ways to interact with donors and process donations. Through the use of QR Codes, QRius Pay enables nonprofits to quickly collect contactless donations anywhere, both online and in the physical world.

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Flexibility and customization are at the heart of QRius Pay’s platform design. With a QRius Pay account, nonprofits can create customized landing pages and tailor the messaging for each campaign. Once created, it is as simple as printing the QR Code on a piece of paper or sticker and placing it where a potential donor may connect with the nonprofit. Alternatively, nonprofits can share digital hyperlinks on social media and websites to engage with a new generation of donors.

Tyler Schechter, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, believes there is a meaningful opportunity for nonprofits to better catch their donors in the moments when they are inspired to donate. Often when people want to donate, they do not have access to a computer and its inconvenient to find the charity page on their phone. This is a missed opportunity. QRius Pay makes it possible for nonprofits to give its donors instant access to make a donation by scanning a QR code with their smart phone.

Along with no contract requirements and highly competitive pricing, QRius Pay has also waived its monthly subscription fees (till Jan 2021) to allow charities to try the solution in pursuit of meeting their 2020 fundraising goals.

After a successful BETA program in late September, QRius Pay launched on October 1st, 2020 in both the United States and Canada. With much anticipation, QRius Pay will also be launching a merchant solution later this year.

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