Redgate Uncovers The Promise and Pitfalls of DevOps Adoption for the Financial Services Sector

Redgate Uncovers The Promise and Pitfalls of DevOps Adoption for the Financial Services Sector

Research reveals Financial Services is leading the way in adopting DevOps for the database and applications, although hurdles remain

Businesses in Financial Services are ahead of the healthcare and government sectors in adopting DevOps to increase their speed of development and free up developer time. This is a major finding focused on sector by sector analysis of the data from Redgate’s 2020 State of Database DevOps Report.

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“The data shows they face the same obstacles and challenges, but most are still surging ahead. Those who are lagging behind may need to revisit their digital transformation plans in order to remain competitive.”

“At the heart of what makes the financial services sector so interesting is its willingness to adopt a generative culture, which focuses on breaking free of siloes and promoting a proactive, collaborative atmosphere,” notes Kendra Little, Redgate DevOps Advocate and author of the report. “It’s what makes DevOps adoption work so well. This is a far cry from the culture and structure we saw from respondents in other sectors, which were often marred by little to no cooperation, and an inability to adapt to change.”

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Nowhere is this more important than Financial Services. While features need to be delivered faster in order to meet heightened expectations from customers looking for added value, regulatory requirements need to be complied with and data privacy needs to be protected.

To give businesses in the sector a deeper understanding of the particular challenges they face, a special edition of Redgate’s 2020 Database DevOps Report presents a deep dive into the survey data from Financial Services respondents.

It highlights the differences and similarities that exist for businesses in the finance sector compared to other sectors, and gives a valuable steer on where they should focus their digital transformation initiatives.

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