Sipree Relaunches as DigitalPay and Now Offers Largest and Most Diverse Payout Partner Networks of Any Payment Provider

Sipree Relaunches as DigitalPay and Now Offers Largest and Most Diverse Payout Partner Networks of Any Payment Provider

Introducing Digital Debit Card and More Than 250 Premium Retailer and Grocery Disbursement Options for Consumers

Sipree, a leader in facilitating business payments to consumers, announced it will now be known as DigitalPay. This rebrand comes with the introduction of several new partnerships that extensively broaden the company’s payment platform to deliver instantaneous payouts. These include rebates, refunds, litigation settlements and other one-time payments through digital debit cards, PayPal, Amazon, direct debit to bank and more than 250 premium retailer options.

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DigitalPay (Sipree) has the largest set of payment endpoint options currently available in the marketplace, offering unprecedented choice in payout options, particularly for the travel, legal services administrator, consumer rebate, and gig economy (large independent contractor business) verticals. DigitalPay is focused on these four sectors since they have the largest opportunity for payout growth, and each vertical presents unique use case challenges that can be improved through digital payments.

“DigitalPay is excited to be setting a new standard for consumer choice, convenience and speed that will greatly improve brand satisfaction,” said DigitalPay chairman and lead investor, Andy Sandler.

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DigitalPay provides fully trackable payments to desktop or mobile devices within seconds of the consumer choosing a payment option with no app downloads or onboarding needed. “We think businesses should play by the same rules as consumers and send money instantly to a payee’s preferred endpoint. It’s the best-of-both worlds: consumers get money where they want it, when they want it and businesses get a positive brand experience that’s not been previously possible with traditional payments,” said Chris Whipps, CEO of DigitalPay. “I am thrilled to have our trusted partners in place to help us deliver on our promise of efficiency, cost savings, and customer delight from digital payments.”

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