Top Global E-signature and Contract Lifecycle Providers

In any company, regardless of the nature of the business, there are numerous documents that are created and signed, contracts need to be updated, scanned, and other important documentation needs to be done regularly. When it comes to maintaining contracts, be it of employees, utility contracts, invoices, etc. there is a lot of work that goes into updating and keeping them stacked according to calid dates. In many cases, firms prefer to maintain the contracts in a traditional way that follows filling and managing them manually.

But with the advancements in e-sign and contract lifecycle technology, there are now several contract lifecycle management software available in the market that comes handy while managing contracts of every kind. Also, the range of e-sign software available today have made it possible to sign documents digitally without having to scan them. This helps in reducing the time that is spent on getting the papers authenticated and also helps in reducing wastage.

Here is a list of the top global e-sign and contract lifecycle providers that could help in reducing your workload and increasing the efficiency of tasks that might seem trivial but are of integral importance to your firm.

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A few top global e-sign service providers

HelloSign:HelloSign has a commendable and potent API that gives you the flexibility to embed the brand signing in the documents and provides you with the best customization features, customer service and excellent e-sign plans that are suitable for your respective business. The format followed by the software is compliant with the global s-signature laws and thus, makes it a great alternative to choose for your company.

Adobe Sign:It was one of the first e-sign service providers and is still a leader in the market with its feature-rich platform that helps in managing the signing of documents from any device and any location. It is known for the integration of third-party tools within platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft, etc. It is a globally compliant software and offers both electronic and digital signatures.

DocuSign:It is one of the most easily navigable software which provides a the suite of APIs that help in custom integrations. With its intuitive design, it has become a popular e-signature platform in the market. It also provides the best security for the storage of the data and the e-signatures so that your documents and data are safe.

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SignNow:SignNow is a hit among the small businesses and has garnered numerous awards for its intuitive design with a number of integrations including a custom API and an amazing set of features. It is also one of the most effectively priced software for e-signing that makes it popular among small businesses.

SignEasy:As the name suggests, it offers a minimal user interface wherein you can easily format your documents and also integrate with third-party tools. It also offers features like remote signing, self-signing, etc.

KeepSolid Sign:It is a software that strongly emphasizes the security of the data and also provides a collection of features and a set of integrations. It also checks for the legality of the signatures.

A few top global contract lifecycle providers

Panda Doc: It is known to provide a collective solution for client-facing documents, including sales proposals, contract management, price quotes, electronic signing, etc. This helps in reducing the workload of the firms and also helps in keeping track of their proposals and contracts.

Ivalua: It is a globally recognized leader in providing the end-to-end software solution for the procurement teams. It helps in the sourcing, supplier management, contract management, and sends critical reminders for the important dates.

Kira: It is a platform that uses artificial intelligence along with its contract analysis, due diligence, and the lease abstraction, etc. that makes it a useful contract management system. Its intuitive design and its features like real-time collaboration and flexible project management help in the completion of documentation and related work effectively and more rapidly.

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Coupa: It helps in the contract management with its pre-approved templates that not only makes it easier to work on the contracts but also reduces the time that is consumed while making a contract. It provides a cloud management system that can connect hundreds of organizations together for better distribution of the data.

CLM Matrix: It takes the use of the individual components of the contractual relationships and builds on them according to the preferences of the customers to integrate a standardized workflow process. This software is easily configurable and can help the firm to use it the way they feel most comfortable using.

Ultria: It is a software that has deployed several successful contracts in the past. It dwells on the basic of helping businesses to manage their contracts along with delivering the value to their legal and revenue teams. The contract management system and the artificial intelligence used in the software allow to accelerate the growth of the contracts and to track them at all the stages.

SAP Sourcing and SAP Contract Lifecycle Management: This software provides a simpler solution with the integration of the backend systems to provide negotiated terms, facilitate compliance and to increase the competitive advantage. The solutions in the software work with the transactional systems to provide visibility and contract compliance.

Contract Insight Software: It is a software that focuses on the contract management by tracking the processes like contract drafting, contract tracking, custom report design tools, workflow, financials, workflow, e-mail alerts, web calendaring, etc. It has been built with the latest web-enabled technologies that help in the faster rendering of the contracts.

Gimmal: It is a company that takes care of the customer’s experience in managing information. They provide pre-configured and customizable document templates that help in the process of contract management. It uses a number of features like standardize basic argument stipulations, standard clauses, empower non-legal staff, etc. to draft the contracts and to keep them updated with the changes during the course of time that the contract lasts for.

The benefits and flexibility offered by these e-sign and contract management platforms is something that every business strives for. So, in the next few years, it would not be surprising at all if most businesses take their document signing and contract management tasks online and withdraw the need for manual paperwork completely.


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