Ultimus Announces Addition Of uETF Application To uSUITE Platform

Ultimus Enhances its Fund Servicing Efficacy with uSUITE®, A Robotic Process Automation-Based Technology

Ultimus Fund Solutions® (Ultimus®), a leading independent provider of full-service fund administration, accounting, and investor solutions, is pleased to announce the release of another innovation technology application, uETF, as part of the firm’s uSUITE framework which includes uPRICE, uTRANSACT and uNAV applications, among others. Designed to further streamline and add functionality to the firm’s exchange-traded funds (ETFs) processing capability, the uETF app will increase efficiency, improve transparency, and reduce risk.

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Servicing ETFs for close to a decade, Ultimus offers fund administration solutions for active and passive ETFs, both transparent and non-transparent through its series and standalone trust solutions. With the soaring popularity of ETFs among advisers and in the marketplace, the uETF enhancements add even more capability and bandwidth to Ultimus’ proven service infrastructure. Notably, uETF allows Ultimus to scale effortlessly as ETF offerings increase in number and complexity in the marketplace.

As part of a fully interconnected technology ecosystem comprising numerous uSUITE applications, uETF deploys cutting edge technology using machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation (RPA). In doing so, uETF streamlines the ETF workflow and dataflow processes with end-to-end, “straight-through” processing, providing layers of quality control, auditability and data integrity. uETF also pulls in critical security and pricing data automatically from external sources while delivering enhanced capabilities and reporting to clients.

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Clients also benefit from additional features within uETF, as the automated system allows nightly portfolio composition files, which are essential to ETFs, to be sent in a shorter timeframe. In addition, since the app is internally developed, it is easily adaptable for future enhancements and additional reporting capabilities.

“uETF—and uSUITE—reflect Ultimus’ continuing commitment to investing in technology and to ensuring that our clients have the benefit of excellent ETF servicing, which we believe is second to none in the industry. We then combine this technology investment with a team of ETF professionals, adept in the entire ecosystem, who can help asset managers make informed decisions as they consider product development options around ETFs. If you are thinking about launching an ETF you should speak with Ultimus to see how we can help.”

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