What Is a Quote Management Software and a Few Top Quote Management Software Providers

What Is a Quote Management Software and Top Quote Management Software Providers With In-Demand Features?

“Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win” – Jefferey Gitomer

Good sales numbers are critical for the growth of an organization and a healthy pipeline or the state of it can define and determine future sales. Talking about marketing and sales, things mostly are meant to revolve around the clients, customers, prospects. It is imperative for the organization’s sales team to ensure that clients are happy and comfortable dealing with them.

Taking it forward from here, sales teams work really hard to keep customers satisfied. Organizations support and facilitate the sales teams with new evolving trends, software tools to boost their productivity and save time. Out of the many technologies and software tools, even Quote Management Software solutions are important to sales people.

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A Quotation Management software (QMS) is a tool designed to automate client’s quotations. Like the other CRM tools, QMS also aims to improve business efficiency by providing better means to communicate with the client. Organizations can design and create automated quotations for the clients and present the quotes in an interactive and convenient way. Along with offering quotations to the clients, modern QMS tools help in invoice generation, billing and shipping information as well. The following are the benefits of using QMS for an organization:

  • Streamlining quotations
  • Reduced quotation time taken for back and forth
  • Easy report generation
  • Invoice tracking
  • More sales

QMS is very crucial for sales prone organizations. Here are a few top quote management solutions that offer personalized features:

  1. Scoro

Scoro is easy, fast and convenient. When it comes to quoting and billing your products and services, Scoro comes handy. Scoro uses just one tool for five different tasks viz quoting, managing contacts, invoicing and end-to-end bill handling. The top features of the platform includes quoting automation, CRM, billing automation, reporting & a real-time dashboard.

  1. Qwilr

Qwilr helps one dust off the burden of PDFs and offers interactive, mobile-friendly web pages for easy access. These webpages are easy to build and present without much effort. The top features of the quoting software includes personalized fonts and styles, free templates, custom web pages, e-signatures and quote acceptance.

  1. DocSend

DocSend caters to a lot of other functions apart from being an effective quoting management software. DocSend is designed to make marketing teams more efficient. With the help of DocSend, businesses can achieve their objective of engaging more and more people with their products and services. The top features include manager tracking, teamwork and collaboration, advanced document tracking, document control and many others.

  1. Bitrix 24

Bitrix24 is an amazing quoting software and along with creating quotations, it offers various CRM and project management tools as well. The invoices and quotes are fully customizable as per the requirement of the organization. It support multi-currency invoices and thus, is good for global businesses. The top features include CRM and quoting, Calendar Sharing, e-mail notifications, sales funnel management and more.

  1. Quotewerks

The company has more than 86,000 users in 101 countries, which makes Quotewerks one of the leading quoting and proposal management software in the market. The features that set Quotewerks apart from others is its affordable pricing, mobile support, turn key implementation and several integrations with other software tools.

  1. Dealhub.io

Create actionable and real time insights with Dealhub.io. Faster quotes and smarter deals are right at your doorstep. Dealhub.io has also helped its users to increase sales and improve productivity. The top features of the software include intuitive buyer experience, saves time, easy implementation.

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  1. PandaDoc

All sales people look forward to introducing new ways into their processes that can help shorten the sales cycle, PandaDoc can help its users do so. PandaDoc has evolved into a tool that helps users maximize the close rates. Users can make and send custom proposals within seconds. The top features include document analytics, custom branding, manager approval workflow, auto reminders and more.

  1. RevvSales

Your error free first quote can turn a lukewarm deal into the most valuable one. RevvSales is popular to create custom and error free quotes within a short span of time. Quite easy to use, RevvSales is used by more than 2000 companies worldwide. It is simple, transparent, and trustworthy.

  1. YourTrade Base

Use YourTrade Base and reduce your sale cycle and close deals faster. The app helps you send quotations to customers for a quick approval, and streamlines the whole process. A 30 day free trial can give you an idea as to whether its a good fit for you!

  1. Proposable

It is an all-in one cloud software to help create smart & efficient sales proposals. The delivery and closing of deals becomes easier with tools Proposable. The top features include drag and drop builders, flexible estimates, e-signatures, sales pipeline reporting and more.

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An effective quotation management software will help sales teams create quotes quickly, streamline the entire sales cycle resulting in an increased deal velocity.


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