Wolters Kluwer Adds Over 250 Innovative Enhancements To Its Cloud-Based CCH Axcess™ Client Collaboration Expert Solution

Wolters Kluwer Adds Over 250 Innovative Enhancements To Its Cloud-Based CCH Axcess™ Client Collaboration Expert Solution

Today, Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting announced that it’s introducing over 250 innovative new features to its award-winning, cloud-based CCH Axcess™ Client Collaboration expert solution for Tax Year 2020. The upcoming release includes several new features designed specifically to enable frictionless collaboration between firms and their clients. With a fully integrated 8879 eSign process, more personalized organizers, year-round document gathering, and secure, two-way messaging, firms can reduce the headaches and time spent going back and forth with clients to collect all the data they need during a busy tax season.

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“We’ve heard from our customers that they spend too much time on endless rounds of email and phone tag to gather the information they need from clients each year,” said Jim McGinnis, EVP and General Manager, US Professional Market, Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting North America. “CCH Axcess™ Client Collaboration gives firms and their clients the tools they need to work together more effectively and efficiently. With more than 250 new enhancements planned for Tax Year 2020, we are going all-out to improve firms’ tax workflows on many different fronts.”

With most of the tax compliance work happening between mid-January and mid-April, many firms struggle to balance work during the remainder of the year. This inefficiency takes its toll on staff morale and firm profitability. Firms may hire temporary staff, and they can file extensions to gain a few extra months, but these workarounds don’t solve the core problem. Clients who meet with the firm only during the tax season are not receiving the best that firms have to offer. Improving collaboration with clients and automating non-value-added tasks are more client-friendly strategies for managing tax season compression.

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The cloud-based CCH Axcess™ Client Collaboration expert solution saves firms and their clients time when engaging, onboarding, and collaborating throughout the engagement by providing each side with a frictionless experience for all communication, from secure source document collection to document organization and storage, to e-signatures.

Because client data is stored in the CCH Axcess™ common client database, firms do not need to do any additional work to set up clients, making it simpler for firms to provide the level of service their clients expect. Using only a browser, firms can create, customize, and send organizers individually or in batches. Clients can easily upload documents, ask and answer questions, and sign off on engagement letters and forms. And the firm-branded Client Collaboration hub enhances the firm’s reputation by reinforcing the firm’s logo and branding at the client touchpoint.

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