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Global Fintech Interview with Josh Becker, Chief Financial Officer at Advertiser Perceptions

Global Fintech Interview with Josh Becker, CFO at Advertiser Perceptions

Hi Josh, welcome to our Fintech interview Series. Please tell us about your fintech journey so far.

After 23 years with Thomson Reuters, I am well acquainted with SAAS and Fintech sectors and believe it will be an expanding segment for many years to come. I am thrilled to be at Advertiser Perceptions as it continues its evolution throughout these sectors. The Company has been in business for over 20 years and is the global leader in research-based business intelligence for the advertising, marketing, and ad technology industries. We work with many of the leading digital media platforms including Google, Amazon, Pinterest, Walmart, Apple along with large and small traditional media companies to better enable their sales and marketing approach to customers.

Could you please discuss how you are planning to help Advertiser Perceptions drive growth and expand its capabilities on the heels of the Eureka Equity Partners’ investment?

In the next several years, Advertiser Perceptions will be laser focused on growth and expanding our customer solutions, not only into new areas of media and advertising business, but also internationally.  With the additional capital from Eureka Equity Partners, which is a leading private equity firm based in Philadelphia, we now have the resources and momentum to capitalize on future opportunities.  As mentioned, we currently serve many large international companies, but as these companies continue to expand into new geographies, they will need better access to advertising and business intelligence.

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What role has data gathering and analysis played in your decision-making and in shaping financial strategies? Have you used AI in your modelling? How was it incorporated and how did it affect accuracy?

I have found that most organizations spend too much time on compiling or gathering the data versus true analysis that drives the business forward.  In the past, along with my current role, it was about establishing your foundational capabilities, particularly in systems and processes.  While small companies have historically been limited in their technology stack, in today’s world there are multiple vendors that smaller companies can utilize to operate like much larger companies. For example, we are currently looking at outsourcing our human resources capabilities and with the same firepower as Workday which has generally served the top of the market. To me, turning data into actionable insights is the objective and one deploys a range of processes, systems, and technology to accomplish.

In your experience, how should sales, production, marketing, and finance work together to optimize results for the organization?

In successful organizations, all disciplines have their part to play. To me it is about operating as an orchestra —

where all groups work collaboratively to maximize the overall result.  Finance has an integral part to not only keep track of the numbers but influence the result. I always tell my teams that you need to be a “business analyst” as much as a “financial analyst”. You cannot make good financial decisions if you do not fully understand the business, market, and customers.  Further, as CFO, it is my job to drive the business to maximize its potential and having a good partnership with sales, marketing, operations is essential.

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We’d love to know what are your predictions for the future of business intelligence?

Business intelligence will continue to gain prominence in a company’s operations and how it conducts itself.  We are operating in an increasingly complex and global world where companies that have access to better information will be able to make better decisions.  At Advertiser Perceptions, we embrace this and believe that knowledge is powerful and greatly assists in making sound business decisions. Technology will continue to play a critical role in business intelligence, not only in its analysis but also easier access to information.  It is about trusting experts such as Advertiser Perception who know the market, industry and global trends.  For example, our AdPros Network is an amazing vehicle to where companies can have ready access to a group of industry leaders – their prospects and clients – and garner their insights to improve products, align sales and marketing to client needs, and gain competitive advantage.

As a parting thought, would you like to share specific business management or business tips for our readers? Or maybe, a short conclusion about the overall impact on business intelligence research domain.

At Advertiser Perceptions, we believe it is all about serving the customer and their needs.  That really is the ethos of the company – and should be for any company.Ask yourself, how do weprovide actionable insights that our customers can take to market? How can we provide the proper intelligence that enables customers to make better business decisions? How can we help customers avoid risk and take advantage of strengths, and overcome challenges?

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Tell us about some of the top tech events that you’ll be participating in (as a speaker or guest) in 2023.

In the coming months and years, we will be raising our profile at various technology and marketing events with thought-provoking business intelligence unavailable anywhere else..  In the short-term, we see ourselves focusing on CES, IAB Measurement & Leadership Summit, 4A’s Decisions, VideoWeek Horizons, Digiday Media Buying Summit, SXSW, Adweek Convergent TV Summit, Mediatel: Connected TV World Summit, Digiday Publishing Summit, ANA Masters of Data & Technology Conference, NAB Show, ANA Brand Masters Conference, IAB NewFronts, AdExchanger Programmatic I/O, Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit, TVOT SF, Cynopsis Measurement & Data Conference, Marketing Analytics Summit Conference, Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, ANA Data, Analytics & Measurement Conference, NYC TV Week, Adweek Brandweek, Influencer Marketing Conference, ANA Masters of Marketing Conference, Advertising Week New York / Europe / Asia, Adweek Elevate: Brand Safety, Adweek MediaWeek, Go Addressable: Advancing the Future of Television, The European Addressable Media Initiative Summit, and Adweek BrandWeek Sports Marketing Summit.

Thank you, Josh! That was fun and we hope to see you back on soon.

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Results-driven, pragmatic finance/operational leader with an extensive record of achievement and sustained performance in sales, revenue generation, and strategic planning including global and acquisition experience. Passionate about delivering strong financial results, increasing market share, and coaching teams. Ready to help an organization evolve their business model to achieve next level growth or build a stronger operational foundation.

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