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CycurID Technologies Goes BIG

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CycurID Technologies Ltd., is pleased to announce their working partnership with Blockchain Intelligence Group, the crypto investigation and training company. CycurID Technologies Ltd. is a Canadian-based digital identity management and cybersecurity firm that has developed a reusable digital identity app, imme (pronounced “I’m me”), that uses adaptive Artificial Intelligence, Biometric......
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Mosdex Expands Arbitrage Trading Support

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The latest January 2023 updates from Mosdex announced multiple exciting implementations and user support plans in the pipeline. The cryptocurrency platform will now be expanding arbitrage trading support. The arbitrage trading platform will extend its service to three exchanges. Their exchanges will involve Bitget,, and Bybit. This current announcement......
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Triple 5 Announces Launch Of New Decentralized Prediction Protocol

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DeFi company Triple 5 announces the upcoming launch of its blockchain-based prediction protocol that lets users predict future value of crypto-assets. Set to launch in Q2 this year, the platform aims to enter the $4.5 billion crypto-gaming industry, as well as the $262 billion online betting market. Through the use......
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Popular Countries For Ownership Of Cryptocurrency

Fintech Staff Writer
The study was conducted by Trading Browser, a one-stop solution for cryptocurrency traders and investors. They have a dedicated team of experienced crypto professionals on hand to guide and help people through cryptocurrency trading. They also provide information on the market, best practices for trading, and useful tools and resources......
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Arbitrum Launched By Nuon “flatcoin”

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Decentralized and overcollateralized, Nuon will go live on the leading Ethereum scaling solution, Arbitrum.The Nuon Protocol launched its mainnet for the NUON flatcoin which is the world’s first cryptocurrency linked to an unbiased cost of living index. Unique features of the Nuon Protocol will include automated security liquidity pools and......
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Concordium and Frontier Multi-Chain Wallet Announce Partnership

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Concordium blockchain announces that it will be integrated with advanced non-custodial wallet Frontier, enabling the staking and delegation of Concordium’s native token, CCD, on the platform. Available on mobile across both Android and iOS, and on web as a browser extension, Frontier is a multi-chain crypto & NFT wallet with......
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Blockchain-Based Ecosystem eCredits Launches eVault Reward Feature

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eCredits, a decentralised, blockchain-based ecosystem empowering local businesses and democratising the way everyday transactions take place, today launched eVault, a new feature that enables eCredits users to earn rewards for committing their eCredits (ECS) on the network for a fixed period of one year. Latest Fintech News: ASA Launches New Form......
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WEMADE And Metagravity Sign Strategic Alliance MOU To Collaborate On Blockchain Games For The Metaverse

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Pioneering Korean blockchain gaming giant WEMADE today announced a strategic alliance by signing an MOU with London-based Metaverse engine developer Metagravity. The alliance will help bring to life WEMADE CEO Jang Hyun-guk’s vision of building an experience people can enjoy by playing a well-made game and a vast platform that could connect......
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How Do Smart Contracts Work?

Pooja Choudhary
What Are Smart Contracts? A Smart Contract is famous as a Crypto Contract. In layman’s language, we can say it is a computerized based programming that automatically controls the transfer of digital assets between the parties subject to a few conditions. A smart contract embraces itself in the same way......
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Loss Of Cryptographic Key Might Make You Bankrupt

Pooja Choudhary
The cryptocurrency market is growing at an unprecedented pace. Currently, the global market cap is over $1 trillion, with multiple public-listed companies, like MicroStrategy, holding cryptocurrency in their treasury. Along with this growth comes an increased need for security, which is why key management is so important. Cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets,......