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Prajakta is a content writer and storyteller. Currently immersed in stories within the tech landscape, she has a background in branding and advertising. When not writing, she can be found reading in a cozy corner at an undiscovered cafe in the city.

Multi Party Computing – Collaboration Without Disclosure

Prajakta Ayade
Data Privacy is one of the most important and talked about aspects of fintech. The financial landscape is constantly evolving, driven by innovations that unlock new possibilities. Privacy is one such element of the whole fintech mix which needs constant innovation, scrutiny and betterment. Data privacy is also important to......

Gamification in Fintech: All About Customer Retention and Engagement

Prajakta Ayade
On how many days does finance truly excite the general population – those that don’t eat, breathe or dream of finance and fintech? Yes, on days when crypto breaks the market and it becomes a global phenomenon, but for many, that’s the only time! This can be changed though, just......

Fintech Trends 2024: How Can Enterprises Be Better Prepared?

Prajakta Ayade
As the year progresses, the fintech industry has the most eyeballs glued, looking up to all the trends that might follow, how new AI advancements play out and how fintech security evolves. At the forefront of this is the advent of digitised payments, marking a significant shift from conventional cash-based......