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Majority Unprepared for Ongoing Tug O’ War in Accounting and Finance

Sudipto Ghosh
Business leaders continue to struggle with finding the right balance in Accounting and Finance. Controllership is one of the major challenges in the ongoing tug of war in the financial accounting space. In a latest survey of accounting and finance professionals, majority of the respondents are “still unprepared” to meet......
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Why Web3 Needs to Break up with Crypto Currency

Sherine Kazim
Web3 is in its infancy – a baby, decentralized, utopian internet being formed and marketed as we speak. There’s been a concerted push to link this new platform to cryptocurrency for some time now, making it seem like Web3 can’t win unless you roll the dice at risky crypto markets.......
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Financial Well-Being Is the Key to Strengthening the Employer-Employee Connection

Jeremy Beament
The last two years have been anything but easy, prompting a whirlwind of changes in how and where people work. Technology became more imperative than ever by allowing the world to stay connected whether working on-site or at home. A KPMG report reveals that nearly all employers were eager to......
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How Uncertainty Breeds Creativity within the Banking Industry

Rohit Bhosale
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the banking industry was thrown into a higher pace of digital transformation than it had ever experienced before. The need to keep up with digital-first incumbents had been present for many years but with the world in a lockdown, the challenge was heightened. This giant......
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How Tech can Reduce Friction between Buyers & Sellers in Global Trade

Rahul Nath
Customers want their commercial experiences in global trade, be it B2B or B2C, to be low-effort, seamless, and fast. Any perceived friction impacts the adoption and usage of the product/service. Thus, one way to assess friction in commercial transactions is anything that may prevent a potential customer from completing a......
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Fintechs Must Embrace a Good Customer Experience (CX) to Compete

Daniel Siekmann
Whether due to pandemic-related factors or consumers’ ongoing desire for more convenient banking options, the fintech sector is booming. In the first quarter of 2022 alone, venture capital investments in fintech startups topped $29 billion, and the median pre-money valuation for late-stage fintech companies hit $257.5 million. That’s 44.5 percent......
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5 Things about Business Continuity Management During Crisis

Hannes Helenius
With business operations ever-expanding globally and data held growing exponentially, the sub-sequential challenges on financial services firms are all too familiar. Combine this with the hurdles we have had to jump through with social changes through the pandemic, ever-increasing regulation, and disruption to the geopolitical landscape; unsurprisingly, many firms are......
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The Banking Technology That’s Cutting Down Wait Times for Customers

Rohit Bhosale
Over the past few years, we’ve seen tremendous innovation of banking technology across the banking sector. With headlines of bricks and mortar branches diminishing, the emergence of new challenger banks has piled the pressure on financial firms to elevate their digital customer experience (CX). The industry has responded by investing......
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CFPB Seeks Ban Against Operator of Student Loan Debt Relief Scam Reboot

Fintech Staff Writer
Today the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) took action against the owner of a student-loan debt relief company for allegedly withdrawing hundreds of thousands of dollars from student borrowers’ bank accounts, without authorization. The CFPB alleges that Frank Gebase, Jr. controlled a company that took the borrowers’ money after obtaining......
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How AI Is Accelerating Skill Building in Financial Services

JD Dillon
Do your retail banking employees have the skills needed to power through disruption and into a new era in global banking? Executives are quickly recognizing gaps in their companies’ ability to adapt to change. Only 17% believe their people are ready to reskill and assume new roles according to Deloitte’s......