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FinTech Predictions 2022: Diversity, FinTech Collaboration, and Filling the Skills Gap will Trend for Financial Services in 2022

Sudipto Ghosh
Welcome to our Fintech Predictions Series 2022. The rapid speed of change in banking during 2021 was like no other, but will it continue, and what are the predictions for 2022? We sat down with Cheryl Chiodi, an expert in financial services technology with digital intelligence company ABBYY, to identify......
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Reclaim Launches Ai-powered Medicare Insurance Agency To Help Retiring Adults Select A Medicare Plan That Best Fits Their Healthcare Needs

Fintech News Desk
Reclaim, a digital consumer financial advocacy platform helping users manage and save thousands of dollars on health insurance coverage, is launching its AI-powered Medicare insurance agency to help recently retired, tech-forward individuals confidently manage their transition to Medicare. Latest Fintech Insights: Asset Management Industry Severely Lacking Diversity, New Knight Foundation Study......
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BigCommerce Merchants Achieve Record Holiday Ecommerce Sales and Outperform Industry Trends

Fintech News Desk
2021 Cyber Week Trends Report finds ecommerce sales continue to grow for BigCommerce merchants, social commerce reigns and alternative payments grew, as the BigCommerce platform marked zero downtime during Cyber Week for the eighth consecutive year BigCommerce , a leading Open SaaS ecommerce platform for fast-growing and established brands, reported......
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Fintech Insights: Divergent Trends in Property Values across Africa

Roger Long
The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic not only affected people and communities but also impacted commercial property values across the world. This report looks at the effect of the pandemic on property values in Africa, with a special focus on select countries. The outlook for each country’s market is largely......
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Enabling Decision-Making Success in the Banking Industry – 3 Considerations

Neil Shah
Now, with the pandemic restrictions lifting, banks will have to be strategic in their decision-making when it comes to recuperating any lost income and balancing consumer trust with a focus on growth. The return of the workforce will, of course, coincide with a resurgence of spending and investment from consumers......
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Fintech’s 2020 Boom Leads to Continued Growth – and New Lessons – For Fintech Apps in 2021

Greg Wang
Here’s What UA marketers Can Learn From Fintech Apps’ Explosive Growth in 2020  Fintech has had an explosive year. Between lockdowns that prevented people from getting to a physical bank, forcing them to look for alternatives and people — and retailers — looking for new, contactless payment options, 2020 was......
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The Private Equity Boom: How Luxury Can Amplify Its Business Model

Robert Lockyer
In June, the Financial Times reported that private equity-funded global mergers and acquisitions were at an all-time high, with completed deals worth more than $500bn. Among the beneficiaries of the boom are luxury multi-brand retailers. But how can other luxury retailers attract the kind of transformative investment that e-commerce players......
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4 Ways to Avoid Financial Fraud When Transferring Money

Matt Montes
The demand for digital money solutions has surged as consumers increasingly prefer contactless payments due to convenience and the risks associated with handling cash. As a result, experts are predicting that the use of cash will continue to decline, even after the pandemic subsides. As more and more businesses and......
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Why Has Open Banking Failed to Live up to Its Promise?

Elliott Limb
When open banking hit the market in 2018, a financial revolution was expected. The move to simply and securely promote information sharing between customers, banks, and third parties promised vast opportunities to grow profits, build innovative new solutions and create deeper customer connections. But this promise has failed to become......
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7 Ways Inclusive Website Design Benefits Customer Experience

Martin McKay
In such a diverse world, it’s essential for businesses to ensure their website is inclusive of all users. Making your website accessible is not only important from a human perspective but also helps you reach new audiences. There are millions of users with disabilities that rely on websites to complete......