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The Banking Technology That’s Cutting Down Wait Times for Customers

Rohit Bhosale
Over the past few years, we’ve seen tremendous innovation of banking technology across the banking sector. With headlines of bricks and mortar branches diminishing, the emergence of new challenger banks has piled the pressure on financial firms to elevate their digital customer experience (CX). The industry has responded by investing......
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CFPB Seeks Ban Against Operator of Student Loan Debt Relief Scam Reboot

Fintech Staff Writer
Today the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) took action against the owner of a student-loan debt relief company for allegedly withdrawing hundreds of thousands of dollars from student borrowers’ bank accounts, without authorization. The CFPB alleges that Frank Gebase, Jr. controlled a company that took the borrowers’ money after obtaining......
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How AI Is Accelerating Skill Building in Financial Services

JD Dillon
Do your retail banking employees have the skills needed to power through disruption and into a new era in global banking? Executives are quickly recognizing gaps in their companies’ ability to adapt to change. Only 17% believe their people are ready to reskill and assume new roles according to Deloitte’s......
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E-Commerce and Digital Payments: What to Expect in 2022

Nikhita Hyett
The coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions have swiftly accelerated the move toward online shopping. Consumers have now grown accustomed to the convenience and simplicity of online retail. Today, over a quarter of the global population shops online. So, it’s imperative that retailers are equipped with the right tools to maximize revenue......
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4 Things for Financial Companies to Be Aware of When Venturing Into Influencer Marketing

Jess Phillips
The last year has proven that there are no bounds on what industries can utilize influencer marketing. We’ve seen new niches pop up on social media, new talent pools grow rapidly, and content creators of all types find their way in the industry. Most prominently we’ve seen an explosion of finance-based companies,......
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Biggest Digital Payments Trends in 2022

Chris Federspiel
Digital payments trends continue to influence the Fintech industry in 2022. As we’ve seen over the last few years, the various ways consumers prefer to pay for goods and services are ever-increasing. Looking ahead at what’s to come in the next 12 months, we expect this to remain true. The......
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Bitcoin Trading Picking Momentum Among Gen Z Traders; 25% are Trading over $4,000 a Month in BTC

Sudipto Ghosh
Latest Research Reveals Level of Bitcoin Trading From ‘Serious’ Traders One in four are trading over $4,000 a month in Bitcoin 44% of traders are aged 34 or under Only 59% of Bitcoin traders say their partners know the value of their trading The newly launched BTC Range Report is......
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FinTech Predictions 2022: Diversity, FinTech Collaboration, and Filling the Skills Gap will Trend for Financial Services in 2022

Sudipto Ghosh
Welcome to our Fintech Predictions Series 2022. The rapid speed of change in banking during 2021 was like no other, but will it continue, and what are the predictions for 2022? We sat down with Cheryl Chiodi, an expert in financial services technology with digital intelligence company ABBYY, to identify......
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Reclaim Launches Ai-powered Medicare Insurance Agency To Help Retiring Adults Select A Medicare Plan That Best Fits Their Healthcare Needs

Fintech News Desk
Reclaim, a digital consumer financial advocacy platform helping users manage and save thousands of dollars on health insurance coverage, is launching its AI-powered Medicare insurance agency to help recently retired, tech-forward individuals confidently manage their transition to Medicare. Latest Fintech Insights: Asset Management Industry Severely Lacking Diversity, New Knight Foundation Study......
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BigCommerce Merchants Achieve Record Holiday Ecommerce Sales and Outperform Industry Trends

Fintech News Desk
2021 Cyber Week Trends Report finds ecommerce sales continue to grow for BigCommerce merchants, social commerce reigns and alternative payments grew, as the BigCommerce platform marked zero downtime during Cyber Week for the eighth consecutive year BigCommerce , a leading Open SaaS ecommerce platform for fast-growing and established brands, reported......