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Aurox Launches Crowdfunding Campaign On tZERO Markets Platform

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tZERO, a financial technology company providing transformative market-based solutions for companies, entrepreneurs, and retail & institutional investors, announced today the launch of Aurox’s crowdfunding campaign on the tZERO Markets platform. Aurox, a cryptocurrency DeFi-focused software development company, is seeking to raise capital from the public to continue product development and......
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First Insurtech Investment By Augmentum

Fintech Staff Writer
With capacity provision from Zurich, Baobab uses a novel approach to underwriting, pricing and risk mitigation in providing cyber insurance for SMEs, and works with cyber security providers to prevent breaches for its insured customers.Augmentum’s fintech portfolio now comprises 25 private companies including the likes of Tide, Zopa and Anyfin......
Is Real Estate Still Worth Your Investment Dollars?
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Is Real Estate Still Worth Your Investment Dollars?

Fintech Analyst
In these times of rising interest rates and market uncertainty, should real estate still have a seat in your investment portfolio? As we know it, interest rates in many countries have been rising in leaps and bounds in the past year or so, thanks to skyrocketing inflation. And naturally, costs of......
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PlanetWatch Raises 3Million€ To Boost Business Development

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PlanetWatch raised a total of three million euros via a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) complemented by bank loans. The CERN spin-off will use the capital to solidify the business’ foundations and prepare for a larger Series A round later this year. With a strong roadmap for 2023 that includes......
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Hatchfi Launches Out Of Beta, Raising $1.2Million Pre-Seed To Help Fintech Apps Bridge The Gap To Web 3

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Hatchfi, a crypto integration platform that allows users to seamlessly connect crypto accounts to any app like they would a bank account, today launches out of beta on the heels of a $1.2M pre-seed raise with 30+ clients in the Fintech space including accounting & tax apps, investment platforms, crypto lending apps, financial......
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Best Tools For Portfolio Managers

Pooja Choudhary
Product portfolio management tools are an easy glance across all the products which helps to organize better and analyze. Such management software tracks the product growth prospects and its operational risk which shall help you to decide which of your products to embrace and which to eliminate. In this article,......
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GoLogiq Sees Strong Synergies With GammaRey And Nest Egg Mergers

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Combination of GoLogiq’s product offering with GammaRey and Nest Egg to create a uniquely powerful mobile fintech ecosystem for global markets: High margin offerings: eWallet, microlending, and hyper-local delivery platforms can potentially add upwards of 30% gross profit margins at scale. Leverages market-proven Tech Mahindra (TECHM.IN), Comviva eWallet and YABX......
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ZeroQT Offers Retail Investors The Ability To Become Venture Capitalists

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Becoming a Venture Capitalist is no easy task. Professional VCs are typically former financial advisors, business experts, or sometimes academics. Joining a Venture Capital investment firm often comes with minimum investment capabilities and a long registration process. Typically, VCs go beyond just investing in startups. They also act as mentors,......
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Zoe Financial Announces Its New Innovative Wealth Platform

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Zoe Financial is the platform where affluent clients find, hire, and grow their wealth with trusted financial advisors. Today, the company announced the public launch of the Zoe Wealth Platform. This innovative and powerful tool allows clients to open investment accounts instantly while working with a financial advisor. In addition, the platform......
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$10 Million Raised By NeoGrowth From MicroVest For Indian SMEs Financing Access

Fintech Staff Writer
NeoGrowth, an MSME-focused Indian digital lende , announced that it has secured some investment worth $10 million from a US-based global investment firm MicroVest Capital Management. This step shall help NeoGrowth to extend its financing to small businesses pan India along with helping the company get the required growth capital.......