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How the Pandemic Is Fueling the Subscription Economy

Nikhita Hyett
The coronavirus pandemic accelerated the growth of the subscription economy. Multiple lockdowns forced businesses and consumers alike to seek more flexible and convenient ways to procure goods and services. And it’s a trend that looks set to stay. Rise of Subscription Payments Whether it’s meal kits from companies like Hello......
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Making HR More Human-centric With RPA

Gavin Mee
There’s no doubt about it, the world is in the middle of a major revolution – and the ways in which we work are changing at break-neck speed. However, unlike previous changes to labour patterns, which were driven by the introduction of physical machinery, this latest revolution to reach the......
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The Future of Small Business Lending Is Here- And It’s Digital!

Jorge Sun
Unfortunately, COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon, making returning to pre-quarantine business models highly unlikely. As businesses adapt to the “new normal” and the demand for capital continues to rise, lenders have a unique opportunity to adopt a new model now—and get ahead of the game. Here’s where the digital......
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The Top Three Reasons People Abandon Online Transactions

Chris Fletcher
Online transactions have exploded in the past year, and despite the impetus of the pandemic, we believe the convenience and preference for digital is here to stay. Businesses need to shift away from reacting to digital as an independent channel and start proactively managing their digital customers throughout the transaction. ......
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The UK at Forefront of FX Management Change

Richard Eaddy
The UK is front and center in a global increase in foreign exchange / FX management hedging as both Brexit and Covid have shaken the pot. The once steady and reliable Pound is increasingly volatile.  Add to this, more UK companies needing to source both suppliers and customers from ‘offshore’......
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Mobile Money and the Unbanked: How Mobile Payments Can Support Financial Inclusion in Emerging Markets

Brad Hyett
The shift to a cashless society was already underway before the pandemic hit. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 has accelerated years’ worth of digital transformation within the space of a few short months. From contactless spending to the rise of e-wallets, it’s an exciting time for consumers as digital innovation offers easier......
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The Digital, Contactless Payment Trend Will Push the Envelope on Payroll

Andrew Garner
The drive to digital is negatively impacting an already financially stressed segment of the workforce The COVID-19 pandemic has led restaurants, grocery stores, retailers and more to enable patrons to transact in digital, contactless Payment. At the same time, 14.1 millionU.S. adults are still unbanked, which means they generally may......
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Cryptocurrency No Longer Seems Like a Speculative Toy – Expect a New Rally This Summer

Victor Argnov
Cryptocurrency no longer seems like a speculative toy that you just need to profitably resell and forget. Seeing that the bears are unable to bring down the course to $20,000- $25,000, “hunters for cheapness” are increasingly buying BTC at levels of the order of $30,000. Having made such purchases, they become......
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A Purpose-Driven Banking For The Post Pandemic World

Sanat Rao
The COVID-19 pandemic has made a profound impact on people and industry worldwide. In the case of banks, in addition to managing their own businesses, banks have had to assume a social responsibility to help customers and communities get through the crisis. Be it transmitting massive government relief packages, deferring......
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Tips to Fight Vender Impersonation Fraud in 2021

John Heyel
The dual mandate of the finance and accounting team in my company is to support business growth and help mitigate against risk.  Due to the significant increase in people working remotely because of COVID-19, there has been a massive rise in vendor impersonation fraud. Through May of 2020, the Internet......