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How Blockchain and DeFi are Impacting Fintech

Lucy Mitchell
With Bitcoin having climbed the ladder in the tail end of 2020, there are a lot of questions about crypto and blockchain’s refusal to stand down from the financial markets. If the past five years have told us anything, it’s that there’s little chance that blockchain and decentralised finance or......
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A Winning Opportunity to Meet the Needs of Consumers, Financial Institutions

Joel Mettler
In today’s COVID-19, branch transformation era, interactive teller machines offer a chance for financial institutions to provide access to cash and banking services ATMs are a key way for consumers to obtain cash, and 71% use them as part of their banking activities. Now, new research reveals the potential for......
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3 Steps for FinTech-Powered Fraud Prevention

David Jackson
“Spam Risk” may have shown up on your phone more times than you can count this year. And you’re probably tired of receiving emails from regal-sounding senders asking for your help recovering massive amounts of cash from overseas banks. Fraudsters are just as often going straight to financial institutions with......
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Top Best Practices to Help Online Retailers Avoid Payment Fraud

Andre Ferraz
As we enter 2021, the changes in consumer buying behavior brought on by the global pandemic are becoming the new norm. With lockdowns continuing into the New Year, and access to stores drastically restricted, online shopping is now, for many consumers, the primary retail channel. New terms such as BOPIS,......
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State of the Fintech Industry and a Look into 2021

Greg Schultz
It is no secret that 2020 has been a year like no other. The COVID-19 pandemic, economic shutdowns and government stimulus plans have greatly impacted where the financial industry stands today and where it is headed in 2021. While the current situation is not, to borrow a euphemistic medical phrase,......
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Money Laundering: How It Works, and How to Combat It

Martin Cheek
For the layperson, the act of anti-money laundering monitoring may seem like it should solely be the purview of governmental authorities. But the fact of the matter is that money laundering is a process far more common than one might think: according to the Treasury department, financial crime in the United......
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Forming Strategic Partnerships with FinTech Providers that Offer Options

Steven McKean
How Partnership Programs Are Helping Financial Services Firms Be Successful in the Digital Marketplace Recently, financial services firms have searched for ways to amplify digital innovations – offering new solutions that create more stickiness to retain existing customers and attract new consumers – to remain competitive in the digital marketplace.......
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What Can Be Done Now with B2B Fintech for Superior Financial Performance

Sush Koka
It’s no question that business-to-business (B2B) organizations trail business-to-consumer companies when it comes to technology usage and innovation, and the subsegment of financial technology (fintech) is no different. In this cost-cutting environment where every dollar must work hard, it’s difficult for companies to make large fintech leaps when so much......
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4 Fintech Applications of Natural Language Processing

David Talby
Financial institutions are turning to Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help them cut through the noise in the fintech industry. For most industries, keeping up with the pace of technology and information is a challenge. The financial services industry is no different, and traditionally, it’s been one to embrace change......
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The Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Circular on the Trading Of Foreign Securities by Investment Platforms in Nigeria

Ibrahim Moshood
The apex regulator of securities in Nigeria, the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) has issued a circular, with respect to technology investment platforms providing the Nigerian public with access to foreign securities. The circular dated 8 April 2021, issues a strong warning to these investment platforms and Capital Market Operators......