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Financial Services is Entering the Metaverse, and AI is Leading the Charge

Dennis Gada
Financial Services (FS) institutions are no strangers to artificial intelligence. From virtual customer service to compliance automation and fraud detection, the FS industry is harnessing AI for both internal and customer-facing activities. But AI holds the potential for more in the future: It can also help lead the FI industry......
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How Data is Helping Buyers Get in on the Ground Floor of Today’s Housing Market

Justin Jackson
Today’s economic realities have made first-time home buying a daunting prospect. Faced with low inventory and rising interest rates, many consumers are struggling to prepare for today’s unique buying process. First-time buyers who have poor credit health or short credit histories find it even more challenging to become a homeowner.......
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Investing in Open Finance: Supporting the Consumer

Jacob Ideskog
Open Finance and Open Banking have changed the way the fintech industry operates, providing new ways for Financial Institutions (FIs) to manage customer data and finances. As long as user consent is obtained first, it enables third-party fintechs to utilize relevant consumer data provided by financial institutions to expand the......
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Maintaining Banking Members from Afar with Effective Mobile Banking

Jonathan Bean
Each year, incoming college freshmen move across the country (or across the state) to their new homes for the next four years. Their to-do lists will definitely cover the essentials, like furnishing their dorm rooms, enrolling in classes and buying textbooks, but may overlook their banking options. Without a branch......
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How to Successfully Implement Automation Into Finance Teams

Kirsty Godfrey-Billy
Harnessing technology can help finance teams automate time consuming, repetitive or labor intensive tasks. However, many finance teams are hesitant to lean into automation – this might be due to  perceived higher cost, implementation challenges, and fear of change. But ultimately, if done correctly, the transition will be worth it.......
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What Fintechs Look For In Their Payment Card Selection

Lane Dubin
As FinTechs companies continue to gain momentum in the marketplace and consumers continue to ask and want more of FInTechs, these businesses are looking for other ways to retain loyal customer bases, and find ways to attract new ones. One of the most common strategies FinTechs are employing is the......
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Four Steps to Embedded Finance Success

Sanat Rao
Embedded Finance – inevitable, invisible, irresistible force in Fintech Two decades ago, 50 percent of bank transactions occurred on physical channels. In the course of time, 70 to 90 percent of transactions migrated to online, self-service modes. Now, with trends such as Embedded Finance taking hold, banks are seeing a......
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How Open Banking is Fighting Tenancy Fraud AND Stopping Fraudsters

Blake Richmond
Fraudulent practices in financial activities trace their origin to our ancient civilizations. The earliest example recorded is from Ancient Greece, where a ship captain defrauded people out of insurance money. Needless to say, it’s not a new issue. But with the world becoming increasingly digital, the scale and complexity of......
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Why Strategic Sourcing Has Become Crucial for the Fintech Industry

Prasanna Rajendran
The pandemic of COVID-19 led to a significant reshaping of how businesses operated. With lockdowns implemented globally, it became increasingly challenging to manage businesses traditionally; a more robust approach had to be adopted. Failure to adapt to this led to numerous companies coming to an end. Hence it became imperative......