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Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL): What Consumers Need to Know

Garry Ottosen
Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) loans are popular right now for both consumers and lenders. But are they a good deal for consumers and a gravy train for investors? BNPL loans are most often point-of-sale term loans that permit a borrower to purchase something now, avoid monthly payments for a......
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The Whopping Cost of Manual Processes for Data Reconciliation

Douglas Greenwell
Now more than ever, businesses are investing in digital transformation, but many don’t focus attention on transforming data processes as part of this. But data plays an integral role in every aspect of the financial services industry; whether it’s in reporting to meet regulations, analyzing the risk or predicting long-term......
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How Can Finance Companies Improve their Operations using AI ML?

Scott Stern
Artificial Intelligence (AI) for FP&A – What’s Holding Finance Back? As the promise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within corporate performance management (CPM) moves from fiction to fact, many FP&A teams are asking the same basic question: What does AI and Machine Learning (ML) mean for me?  Global Fintech Interview with......
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Does Budgeting Actually Help People Save Money? This Experiment With a Huge Fintech Company Suggests … Not.

Richard Mathera
This article has been co-authored by Lindsay Juarez, Director Budgeting — tracking expenses and planning how much to spend in specific categories — is often heralded as invaluable. But is it?  To test whether budgeting actually helps people save money or reach financial goals, we partnered with a large fintech......
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Buy Now, Pay Later Trends Can Hurt Your Financial Health

Christian Joseph
As the majority of purchases move to digital, we are seeing multiple new buy now, pay later (BNPL) platforms gain popularity, especially among younger shoppers. Millennials and Gen Z are enticed by the BNPL trend because they believe that by paying for a bigger purchase over time, rather than utilizing......
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SMBs and Enterprises: How to Prepare for Contact-Free Payments This Holiday Season

Jeppe Dorff
The contact-free payment market has been on the rise in recent years, with nearly a quarter of millennials having used Apple Pay at least once. And, like so many other things, the pandemic sped up its adoption; in fact, the market is expected to reach $52 billion by 2027. This means......
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Sales Departments Are at the Forefront of Automation. Here Is Why.

Alexander Irschenberger
Sales departments were, by far, the most interested in automation. Sales agreements were, by far, the most common type of contract to automate Contract automation is a still new field. We are still waiting to see how powerful the automation technologies will grow, what limits they will have, and how......
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Fintech Insights: Divergent Trends in Property Values across Africa

Roger Long
The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic not only affected people and communities but also impacted commercial property values across the world. This report looks at the effect of the pandemic on property values in Africa, with a special focus on select countries. The outlook for each country’s market is largely......
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Finding the Trading Styles Best Suited for Your Personality

Dany Mawas
Online trading continues to enjoy growth as young and digitally savvy people consider alternative forms of generating income. Each day more people are learning about its features, benefits, and potential profitability. With accessibility to online trading platforms steadily improving, this industry will no longer be for the few, but rather......
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Enabling Decision-Making Success in the Banking Industry – 3 Considerations

Neil Shah
Now, with the pandemic restrictions lifting, banks will have to be strategic in their decision-making when it comes to recuperating any lost income and balancing consumer trust with a focus on growth. The return of the workforce will, of course, coincide with a resurgence of spending and investment from consumers......