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The Good and Bad of AI in Financial Services

Jeffrey Feinstein
The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has brought about a range of reactions in the financial services industry from confusion and worry to excitement. As I interact with other data scientists, fraud analysts and risk managers, the benefits and risks of AI and its subdivision Generative AI (GenAI) have become......
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Self Custody Crypto Wallets – Much-Needed Tools for Empowering Financial Sovereignty

James Toledano
When the first cryptocurrency ‘Bitcoin’ was created, its genesis block included text from a headline of that day: “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.” Amidst a global financial crash, crypto offered a decentralized alternative to a financial system that was broken. But despite Bitcoin’s promise,......
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Can Embedded Payments Push Banks Ahead of FinTechs in 2024?

Carl Robinson
By Carl Robinson, Chief Revenue Officer, Dragonfly Financial Technologies The competition between traditional banks and FinTech companies is dynamic and influenced by various factors, including regulations, technological advancements, customer preferences and market trends. But embedded payments is refusing to sit on the sidelines any longer and is looking to play......
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Brand Safety and Mutual Trust: The Key to Building Financial Services Partnerships

Smita Pillai
If you are a financial services brand, working with creators and other third parties might seem like an impossible task. The risks of fines from non-compliance by third parties might seem too great. But there are methods available to ensure creators and other partners follow regulatory guidance – and what’s......
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Parametric Insurance: Revolutionizing Traditional Insurance Models

Neha Batra
Parametric insurance, a novel approach to risk management, represents a departure from traditional insurance methods. In contrast to indemnity-based insurance, where claims are assessed based on actual losses, parametric insurance operates on the principle of predefined triggers, typically related to weather benchmarks or other quantifiable parameters. This innovative model offers......
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2047 Vision of Insurance for All: A United Push for Health Insurance Coverage

Santanu Agarwal
The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India’s (IRDAI) vision of “Insurance for All by 2047” aligns perfectly with the government’s push for wider healthcare access. This ambitious goal can be achieved through a powerful combination of public and private initiatives, each leveraging their unique strengths. Government’s Push for Insurance ......
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Future-Proofing Finance With AI, Financial Wellness, and Fintech Partnerships

David Dowhan
Though digital transformation is nothing new, the past several years have accelerated that transformation for many industries that were traditionally slow to adopt new technologies, such as the financial sector. Driven by emerging financial technologies (fintechs), businesses in the financial services industry are at a crossroads: Adopt relevant, cutting-edge tech......
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Banks Need Fintech to Bridge the Gig Economy Data Gap

Ali Hamriti
Being one of the oldest sectors, banking holds a vital role in safeguarding the invaluable life savings and assets of consumers, as well as serving businesses globally. Nevertheless, despite their longstanding stability, traditional banks are facing a plateau in their capacity to meet the needs of emerging demographics. These include......
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Three Keys to Success for Embedded Fintechs in 2024

JB Orecchia
In the ultra-competitive financial sector, Financial Institutions (FIs) understand they need to innovate to stay relevant.  Given competing priorities, they often fall behind or struggle to keep up with the latest technology when trying to tackle innovation on their own. FIs that choose to partner with fintechs that match their......
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AI Companies and Applications Have a Lot to Prove in 2024

Saad Siddiqui
For many companies, 2023 was a year of discovery for generative AI – after the breakout success of ChatGPT and GPT-4, the power of the technology was suddenly apparent to a much larger audience. However, 2024 may be an even more pivotal year, as it will demonstrate the value of......