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Hyper-personalization in Banking: The Tech Journey to Serving a Segment of One

Zur Yahalom
Today’s customers expect every brand, regardless of industry, to tailor products and offers not just to people like them, but to them specifically. Welcome to the era of hyper-personalization. While traditional personalization relies on demographic data to tailor products to customer segments, hyper-personalization leverages real-time data to create customized offers......
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Artificial Intelligence to Dominate Financial Innovation

Abid Ali
AI is already taking the mainstream markets by storm. It is, however, poised to revolutionise digital finance in profound ways. It will be the driving force behind a host of transformative changes, from enhancing customer experiences to improving operational efficiency and risk management. AI-powered chatbots and virtual financial assistants will......
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Franchising Trends in the Digital Age

Raghu Rajakumar
In the fast-paced world of franchising, the future promises a blend of digital transformation and opportunity. I recently joined a panel of industry experts, including Kylee Valentine, Senior Partner in the Accounting and Tax division at Findex and Glenn Walford, Founder of Magnetic Business Media and We sat down......
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Leveraging the Power of Payments to Forge Better Employee Relations

Cory Gaines
One of the silver linings to come out of the volatile business climate over the last couple of years is that many organizations recognize—potentially now more than ever—the value of an engaged workforce. Engaged employees are more enthusiastic, productive, and invested in their roles, often leading directly to improved organizational......
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4 Factors Impacting Regional Bank Deposits—and How to Combat Them

Diana Lagler
Regional banks are facing challenges as several factors put pressure on deposits. First, changes in interest rates have impacted bank profitability. Second, many banks are over-indexed in commercial real estate, which, due to the rise in hybrid and remote work, now presents increased risk. The failures of Silicon Valley Bank......
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Bridging the Labor Gap in Accounting using AI Technology

John McGowan
Like many other sectors, the accounting industry is experiencing a significant labor gap as demand for services grows while the supply of qualified professionals struggles to keep pace. From students electing to pursue other degrees and the silver tsunami of retiring generations, job openings for accountants and auditors are expected......
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Three Game-changing Examples of AI in Private Equity

Zuora AndAvalara
Financial market participants, including banks, insurance companies, pension funds, and hedge funds, are all actively exploring ways to leverage artificial intelligence (AI), and private equity (PE) firms are no exception. Three areas that are showing a significant return on investment (ROI) for AI among PE firms are deal flow, investment......
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Mortgage Lending: How Lenders Are Embracing Digitalization

Elena Davydova
In today’s evolving digital landscape, lenders are finding themselves increasingly vulnerable as the competition in the financial services domain is fully powered by rapid adoption of new technologies that are constantly evolving. A research report by Celent found that more than half of banks and 75 per cent of building......
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Taking a Look Into Your Smartphone’s Secret Superpower

Brian Sathianathan
In our rapidly advancing world of technology, we often encounter the term “AI” – the remarkable technology that empowers unrealistic and yet futuristic gadgets and tools. Yet, there’s an aspect of AI that may surprise you; it’s seamlessly integrated into your everyday life, residing right within your smartphone. That’s right,......
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Enhanced Communications is Key to Payments Fraud and Security Measures

Gregg Aamoth
Everyday there’s a new story about fraud across industries. Whether it’s a ransomware attack, hacking private data, an information leak or something as simple as using stolen credit card information, more bad actors are on the streets now than ever before. That has become more evident over the years in......