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Promoting Inclusive Financial Services to Build a Fully Connected, Digital World

Li Xianhui
Huawei aims to use connectivity technology to make inclusive financial services affordable and sustainable. Read this article to know how it makes this possible in the pandemic era.  As digital technologies, the Internet, and mobile communications become more integrated with the financial services industry, financial transaction modes and service models......
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Trading Robots – How Effective Are They?

Dany Mawas
Traders looking to utilize trading robots in their trades must ensure they do their homework and only choose those with a validated track record. Emotional attachment, more commonly referred to as emotional trading, is one of the most detrimental contributors to an online trader’s profitability and overall market success. Emotions......
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How Can AI Enhance the Insurance Customer Journey?

Janthana Kaenprakhamroy
The insurance industry is not typically known for its appetite for innovation, especially in customer journey management. Strict regulation, traditional business models, and the use of legacy IT systems have long provided barriers to progress. Despite the explosion of technological advancement in society, many in the insurance industry have stubbornly......
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Voice AI Technology Enhancing The Customer Experience As Growth Of Digital Banking Continues

Andrei Papancea
With the Digital Banking market expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.2% between now and 2026, banks need to pay close attention to how remote banking is impacting on the overall customer experience. I think Voice AI technology is in place to help banks prioritize addressing......
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Financial Institutions Deploying E-Commerce Rewards to Drive Acquisition, Retention and Revenue

Jordan Glazier
Due to the fragmentation driven by the rapid proliferation of neobanks and upstart investment alternatives, established financial institutions, and newcomers alike, are under increasing pressure to introduce value-adding features to acquire new customers and retain existing customers. Some of the biggest moves to add value involve the introduction of loyalty......
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Digital is Changing the Game in the Mortgage Industry

Jay Nair
The mortgage industry relies on digitalization to bring home a number of powerful benefits ranging from better decisions and immersive customer journeys to efficiencies and cost savings. The pandemic has greatly accelerated this game plan. With Central banks, the world over, lowering interests to stimulate slumping economies, mortgage volumes hit......
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Fintech Insights: Developing an Online Trading Mindset For the Pandemic Era

Dany Mawas
Internet usage has reached an all-time high, with many of the global workforce spending significantly more time online. Some of those who have been impacted by wage reductions or job losses have looked to make additional income in the form of online trading. The number of online traders has reached......
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The Limits of SCA and Why Fraud Protection Is More Important Than Ever

Shagun Varshney
Risk professionals and retail leaders for months have been fixated on the new strong customer authentication (SCA) requirements that arrived with PSD2 — and rightfully so. The new payments regulation, set for enforcement in the UK in March 2022, is a once-in-a-generation change with the potential to massively disrupt an......
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The Future of Emerging Payments: Connecting Cash with Digital

Theresa McEndree
While consumers have numerous methods of payment at their disposal, there isn’t a single value-based ecosystem that effectively connects cash, digital, and loyalty rewards today. Herein lies a critical opportunity for retailers and payments companies to drive engagement, higher customer satisfaction, better customer experiences and sales. Businesses that combine payment......
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The Evolution of Payments Technology

Roy Aston
For years, many companies have spoken about becoming more digital, transforming their business, and reducing waste, but always in the context of those journeys being multi-year projects. But 2020 proved to be a year of rapid acceleration of these plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses were unexpectedly forced into a......