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Turning to AI to Address Financial Crime, Regulatory Compliance

Art Mueller
By Art Mueller, vice president of financial crime, WorkFusion Financial crime is running rampant. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, up to $2 trillion in illicit funds are laundered through global financial networks each year. Yet financial institutions are only able to intercept about one percent......
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Can Embedded Payments Push Banks Ahead of FinTechs in 2024?

Carl Robinson
By Carl Robinson, Chief Revenue Officer, Dragonfly Financial Technologies The competition between traditional banks and FinTech companies is dynamic and influenced by various factors, including regulations, technological advancements, customer preferences and market trends. But embedded payments is refusing to sit on the sidelines any longer and is looking to play......
How Lendtech Will Continue To Grow In 2021
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How Lendtech Will Continue To Grow In 2021

Jo Balsamo
If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the need to be agile and prepare for the unexpected. Though I doubt anybody will be sad to see the back of this challenging and turbulent year, there are some positives we can take from it. For instance, 2020 has been a driver......
2021 Financial Plans to be Driven by New Administration, Remote Workforce & Supporting Tech
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2021 Financial Plans to be Driven by New Administration, Remote Workforce & Supporting Tech

Bill Koefoed
The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on the personal lives of everyone around the globe. It has also had a significant impact on how business gets done. Many professionals have been forced to work from home, losing face to face interactions with colleagues, customers and partners. As such, the......
Potenial Unleashed – FinTech in Africa 2021
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Potential Unleashed – FinTech in Africa in 2021

Monica Shupikai Simmons
The world’s second largest continent by population and size, Africa is punching above its weight due to the achievements in its booming FinTech sector. Africa’s FinTech sector is central to the region’s economic growth. FinTech brings large remittance inflows of money from its diaspora; facilitates all types of payments in......
1/3 of Consumers Earning a Quarter of a Million Dollars are Living Paycheck to Paycheck
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3 Things to Keep in Mind to Make Contactless Payments Work Better for your Business

Paroma Sen
The need to adapt to better contactless and touch-free payments is accelerating; how can companies ensure they get their processes right? While the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for customer facing services and businesses to adapt to convenient and seamless contactless payments, another reason for a growth in......
5 Major Fintech Trends of 2020
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5 Fintech Trends From 2020!

Shiv Nanda
India is one of the fastest growing Fintech markets in the whole world, alongside China. Digital banking with global payment solutions is on the rise everywhere, and brick and mortar banks are feeling just as threatened to compete with this technology that is predicted to disrupt a giant industry worth......
Three Trends Defining Finance for 2020
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Three Trends Defining Finance for 2020

Scott Stern
Not quite a full quarter into the new year and we’re already seeing a tumultuous 2020 that is causing businesses around the world to rethink strategy and direction. Amid current volatile changes, we are seeing a number of trends emerge that can significantly impact both your finance team and organization......
Today’s Most Innovative Fintech Solution: A Refresh of an Industry Mainstay
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Today’s Most Innovative Fintech Solution: A Refresh of an Industry Mainstay

Matt Withey
Debit presents an opportunity to drive customer engagement and loyalty. Imagine a future where the average consumer has three or more debit accounts and the experience of banking is both personalized and seamlessly integrated into our lives. One account is similar to a traditional bank account. The second they keep......
Are Banks going to win on Open Banking?
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Are Banks Going to Win on Open Banking?

Raymond Wyand
Open banking – commercial banking models predicated on the sharing of customer information electronically, with third parties, under conditions that customers approve of – is poised to become the norm in many East Asian markets.  Data-driven banking solutions provider gini enterprise has conducted original Open APIs research to identify the......