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Few individuals navigate the intersection of business, technology, and client experience as skilfully as Theo Paraskevopoulos. Since the early 2000s, Theo has pioneered user experience within the City of London’s financial district. He co-founded FundWorks, a startup that offers essential reporting solutions to industry leaders like JP Morgan, Investec, and BNY Mellon. Theo first observed the finance sector’s practice of overwhelming clients with data instead of engaging them through narratives. The advent of innovations like the iPhone, which allowed clients to carry their portfolios in their pockets, further highlighted this trend. Rather than adapting to this change, the industry used “compliance” as an excuse to resist evolution. This led to a stifling of innovation and disengagement of clients, inspiring Theo to take action.  Through Invessed, Theo aims to enhance investor relationships. He is committed to helping companies in the Asset and Wealth Management sector adjust to the evolving demands of modern clients. Alongside his co-founder, Adam Weston, he has built a platform that uses advanced technology to deliver unique, customisable solutions that enhance consumer experiences and ensure more positive investor relations.

Defining Wealth For A New Generation

By Theo Paraskevopoulos, CEO and Founder of wealth tech startup, Invessed Between the rising cost of living, inflationary pressures, and ongoing uncertainty in the broader economy, individuals across the UK have reason to be increasingly concerned about their financial well-being and how they manage assets and wealth. In challenging times, the......