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Going Green: It’s Time to Fix Financial Services’ Carbon Footprint

Leslie Kanthan
By Dr. Leslie Kanthan, CEO and Co-founder, TurinTech Enterprise technology is a big contributor to carbon emissions in most major sectors, and financial services is no exception. For example, according to McKinsey’s 2022 report The green IT revolution: A blueprint for CIOs to combat climate change, financial services’ IT technology......
VTB Applies AI Model to Clamp Down on Payment Card Fraud
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VTB Applies AI Model to Clamp Down on Payment Card Fraud

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VTB is implementing a new model based on AI to prevent fraudulent card transactions: a machine learning algorithm trained on more than 10,000 parameters detects 1.5 times more attempts by attackers to commit fraudulent transactions compared to previous operating systems. The model, developed by VTB’s internal AI specialists, analyses the......
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IDenfy Adds Behavioural Fraud Monitoring From Manu to ID Verification Tool

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iDenfy, an AI-powered ID verification company, and Manu, a behavioural analytics organization from Lithuania, have signed a strategic partnership. It allows iDenfy to offer an AI model developed by Manu that evaluates customer characteristics during the application process. This additional feature will help detect potential fraud or save on external......