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What Do the Cloud, Metaverse and Zombies All Have in Common? Financial Institutions.

Cheryl Chiodi
They say word-of-mouth generates the most genuine opinions, so it’s good to see the conference circuit opening up again to get an ear to the ground on the latest news and future trends for the financial services industry. My recent trips included the IDC Directions Conference in Boston, the CeFPro......
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How AI Is Accelerating Skill Building in Financial Services

JD Dillon
Do your retail banking employees have the skills needed to power through disruption and into a new era in global banking? Executives are quickly recognizing gaps in their companies’ ability to adapt to change. Only 17% believe their people are ready to reskill and assume new roles according to Deloitte’s......
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E-Commerce and Digital Payments: What to Expect in 2022

Nikhita Hyett
The coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions have swiftly accelerated the move toward online shopping. Consumers have now grown accustomed to the convenience and simplicity of online retail. Today, over a quarter of the global population shops online. So, it’s imperative that retailers are equipped with the right tools to maximize revenue......
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How Banks Can Help Consumers Fight Inflation with Cashback Rewards

Jordan Glazier
American consumers seeking help fighting the rising cost of inflation can turn to rewards programs that offer cashback rewards to make the most of their purchases.  Inflation is a burning issue with shoppers right now. The latest U.S. Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers showed expenses reaching a 39-year......
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AI Versus Humans: Who’s Better at Making Money?

Michael Kodari
AI (artificial intelligence) has applications in everyday life, from driving cars to playing chess. But can it make better investment decisions than humans? Maybe, but the answer is a bit more complicated than that. The use of AI is already firmly established in investment markets, especially in the form of......
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Disruptors Have Raised The Bar On Banking – It’s Time For Commercial FX To Follow

Seth Phillips
The speed was so great, and the transformation so total, that it’s sometimes hard to remember what banking was like before the digital revolution. Digital banks such as Monzo and Revolut have seemingly come from nowhere to be leading players in a highly regulated industry that until recently regarded chip......
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How Ireland is Helping Accelerate AI Innovation in Financial Services

Dr. Nicola Stokes
Financial services companies have a tremendous opportunity to reimagine their operations with AI, from creating more personalized customer engagements and better detecting fraudulent activity to realizing future business models and new revenue streams. But as many companies have learned, realizing the promise of AI comes with a number of challenges.......
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The Biggest Capital Raising Trends in 2022

Mike Werry
Gone are the days when institutional investors have the advantage in raising capital. 2021 saw a huge spike in online capital raises gaining traction among issuers of varying sizes in many different industries. Combing through the data from the past year and the $1B+ in raised capital powered by our......
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4 Things for Financial Companies to Be Aware of When Venturing Into Influencer Marketing

Jess Phillips
The last year has proven that there are no bounds on what industries can utilize influencer marketing. We’ve seen new niches pop up on social media, new talent pools grow rapidly, and content creators of all types find their way in the industry. Most prominently we’ve seen an explosion of finance-based companies,......
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DeFi Insights: Top 5 Most Common Crypto Hacks in 2021

Ronghui Gu
2021 witnessed an explosion in the number of DeFi projects, users, and the value secured by smart contracts. Yet it was not all linear growth, up and to the right. Dozens of projects came and went overnight, taking millions of dollars of investor deposits in the process.  There were other,......