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Wil isn't your average insurance guy. He thrives in the dynamic world of cyber risks, keeping pace with Founder Shield's innovative clients.  His mission? Tailoring cutting-edge risk solutions to propel their growth. Wil's a cyber security veteran, having witnessed the evolution of threats firsthand.  He's helped countless Fintech, Healthtech, and Crypto companies navigate legal hurdles and scale their businesses securely.  Before joining Founder Shield, Wil honed his skills underwriting cyber liability for large private and public entities at Zurich. A University of Delaware grad, Wil has dedicated his career to empowering clients to conquer cyber threats and stay ahead of the curve.

Future-Proofing Your Fintech: Essential Strategies for Mitigating Risk

Wil Hamory
By: Wil Hamory, Fintech Lead at Founder Shield The rise in cyber attacks is a harsh reality: the promised land of fintech is getting a whole lot more dangerous. For fintech leaders looking to scale their business, it takes more than just innovation and a good market fit to navigate this......