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Amidst a Depletion in Consumer Savings and an Increased Reliance on Credit, Credit Sesame Reimagines Credit Simplicity

Amidst a Depletion in Consumer Savings and an Increased Reliance on Credit, Credit Sesame Reimagines Credit Simplicity

With its new creative campaign, “Your Credit, Made Simple,” Credit Sesame unveils fresh ads and tools that empower a new era in credit management.

Credit Sesame, a leading financial wellness app, unveils a new creative campaign that spotlights its award-nominated AI-powered platform, Sesame Ring. The promotional assets illustrate how Credit Sesame is empowering users to truly understand their credit, take control, and effortlessly make informed decisions regarding their credit and finances. This comes at a time when nearly two-thirds of US households are living paycheck-to-paycheck and 47% of middle-income consumers have seen a decline in savings compared to the previous year, prompting a growing reliance on credit to manage their day-to-day expenses.

The new brand campaign – which will appear across TV, social media, and digital video – is a fresh take on how Credit Sesame is revolutionizing the way users view and interact with their credit on the heels of the platform’s recent launch of its new patent pending Sesame Ring visual interface. The creative idea brings the Sesame Ring into the real world, making it the centerpiece of the campaign illustrating how Credit Sesame simplifies the process of comprehending various credit factors, ranging from high utilization to missed payments.  Additionally, it highlights clear, actionable steps for individuals to obtain the credit necessary for significant endeavors, such as a home purchase.

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“For over a decade, Credit Sesame has been providing individuals free and on-going access to their full credit information, enabling them to confidently take control of their credit and finances, making it accessible to everyone,” said Tim Kamienski, Chief Marketing Officer, Credit Sesame. “With the recent high inflation and record-high credit card and mortgage interest rates, people are finding it increasingly challenging to make ends meet, leading to a heightened reliance on credit. The ‘Your Credit, Made Simple’ campaign illuminates the idea that, while credit might seem daunting to many, simplifying it is the key.

Credit Sesame is a financial wellness platform, leveraging the latest technology, AI and analytics to help consumers achieve better financial health and stability and create better opportunities for themselves and their families. Credit Sesame has helped millions of consumers improve their credit scores, increase their approval odds, lower their cost of credit and save money. Strong credit health leads to better financial health and stability, and with Sesame Cash, Credit Sesame helps accelerate consumers’ credit and financial wellness in one place. Credit Sesame is funded by leading institutional and strategic investors. It currently operates in the U.S. and Canada.

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