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Introducing hila, the Generative AI-Powered Researcher for Investors

Introducing hila, the Generative AI-Powered Researcher for Investors

Vianai demonstrates the first tangible enterprise application of generative AI-powered document research with a zero-tolerance approach to hallucinations 

Vianai Systems, provider of human-centered AI platforms and products, today unveiled hila, the first AI-powered chat assistant for institutional and retail investors, investment banking analysts, and other investment professionals.

hila was built from the ground up with a zero-tolerance approach to hallucinations that are prevalent in many generative-AI chat tools today, and unlike recently announced GPT chat tools for finance, hila is free to users as part of the research phase – and today, thousands of users, many from the most well-known financial institutions in the world, are already using the system extensively. Interested users can register for free access by visiting

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Most mass-market AI tools available today are restricted curiosities that provide limited utility, adequate at most for generating first drafts of content, creating images, or scouring the internet. Many have also proven to be highly unreliable, confidently and sometimes recklessly providing fabricated answers to users’ questions.

With hila, Vianai sets a new standard for enterprise applications of conversational AI, addressing a tangible, real-world business need while ensuring the resulting AI-generated insights are based on reliable, trustworthy data and information. Its results are governed by powerful patent-pending technology based on Vianai’s zero tolerance approach to hallucinations, powered by confidence scores and transparency that explains its answers.

Large language models (LLMs) are dominating technology conversations thanks to the ease of access they provide to analyze vast amounts of data. They are being introduced across a wide range of sectors, from basic search engines to training on more specialized data sets like medical charts or legal content. Using verified datasets for S&P 500 companies and the NIFTY 50, hila reads lengthy documents such as earnings transcripts, financials, income statements, and balance sheets, and surfaces actionable insights investors can use for due diligence, earnings call preparation, investing decisions, and more. New financial information and additional public companies are added each week. Hila now also offers the ability for users to upload their own documents, and keep them private from other users.

“hila vastly improves my research process. I can rapidly search 10ks and earnings calls to find if anything related to my theses are hidden inside,” says Mike Ostroff, an Investment Analyst at Maverick Capital, a hila user. “More importantly, I can do it quickly without wasting time skimming irrelevant topics or pinpointing key words.”

“To converse means to be familiar with – an inherent trust in the interaction itself. As we develop conversational AI for enterprise applications, creating familiarity and trust is critical, and guardrails for safety and reliability are essential. Our product hila enables investors to ask great questions, accelerate insights, and make informed decisions, while providing precise answers that users can verify. The future of research is interactive, curiosity-driven, and reliable, and I am proud of our team’s work in creating hila as an example of human-centered conversational AI,” said Dr. Vishal Sikka, Founder and CEO of Vianai Systems.

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Already in use by thousands of investment community members, hila is able to gauge management sentiment and priorities, identify analyst concerns, ask about quarterly earnings from 2020 to present day, and more. Safeguards built into hila include citing sources and the text its insights are pulled from with a confidence score, reducing the hassle of manually combing through financial documents or using AI tools that can pull information from anywhere on the internet resulting in unreliable query responses.

hila is the latest product by Vianai Systems, which builds and delivers advanced AI and ML products designed to bring human and technological capabilities together for some of the largest and most respected businesses in the world to fulfill the untapped potential of enterprise AI today.

hila currently has tens of thousands of financial documents available today for the S&P500 and the Nifty50. Moreover, the user can upload any PDF to query against it. Vianai anticipates rolling out advanced and premium capabilities, such as the ability to expand hila’s dataset, further broadening hila’s utilitarian scope of use.

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