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Sidetrade launches powerful Order-to-Cash Generative AI features

Sidetrade launches powerful Order-to-Cash Generative AI features
  • First generative AI (GenAI) features now available within the Sidetrade platform

  • Game-changing innovation for finance teams: Sidetrade’s GenAI merges powerful LLM algorithms with the industry’s only real-time Data Lake, setting a new standard in Order-to-Cash

  • Higher levels of accuracy and privacy, thanks to self-hosted, domain expert LLMs

Sidetrade, the global leader in AI-powered Order-to-Cash (O2C) applications, today announces it is entering the next phase of its AI journey with the launch of the first of many generative AI (GenAI) features that will enhance performance, efficiency and user experience.

Olivier Novasque, CEO of Sidetrade commented:“Leaders around the world understand that generative AI is the new frontier for driving business transformation and unexpected growth. At Sidetrade, we are at the forefront of this exciting and rapidly evolving field. Our dedication to innovation is reflected in the solutions and the growth opportunities we create for our employees, customers and shareholders.

“Our ambition is to revolutionize the Order-to-Cash landscape. By leveraging generative AI and the world’s only real time O2C Data Lake, we are going to reshape industry benchmarks, raising the bar to a level never seen before. We are changing the game for finance teams’ operations allowing them to reach unexpected performance. Our AI, AKA Aimie, unlocks new potential by mastering GenAI efficiency. Aimie processes over $6.1 trillion worth of O2C payment experiences to provide the best performance recommendation every second, surpassing the capabilities of static ERP systems, spreadsheets, rule-based O2C software and even, advanced but too generic ChatGPT abilities. Our mission is to empower finance professionals in their daily life by delivering them not only intelligent automation but the highest level of intelligence in their cash conversion performance across their entire Order-to-Cash journey.”

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Introducing ‘Ask Aimie’ – Sidetrade’s first generative AI feature

Recently, Sidetrade introduced ‘Ask Aimie’ within the Digital Case solution, the first generative AI feature revolutionizing user experience. This new innovation provides users with concise summaries of lengthy emails from their clients and enables them to generate appropriate replies by choosing from four different templates; this functionality, enables to respond promptly and effectively, maintaining the context throughout the communication.

With ‘Ask Aimie’, finance teams benefit from:

  • Streamlined efficiency: Reduced time spent on information gathering and email drafting, freeing up resources for higher-value tasks.
  • Enhanced communication: Faster and more personalized customer interactions.
  • Improved comprehension: An enriched reading experience with real-time contextual information, helping users understand content without the need for external research.
  • Instant insights: Immediate access to a wealth of O2C information, setting new benchmarks in AI predictability, accuracy, transparency, explainability, and user customization.

Rob Harvey, Chief Product Officer of Sidetrade commented: “It’s been a quarter of a century since search engines like Google democratized access to universal knowledge. However, it was still up to us to interpret results and create relevant, specific, and accurate content from them. Today, generative AI answers users’ problems on specialized topics, offering invaluable support even in complex environments. But the benefits of generative AI extend far beyond just producing well-written content. Domain expert LLMs we are leveraging can be fine-tuned to deliver responses that not only exhibit human-like reasoning but also demonstrate a deep understanding of finance and its context. This approach builds trust with users and adds value for our customers.

“Our AI, Aimie, mimics human-like reasoning by analyzing billions of transactions in seconds and focusing on the complex context of the customer and their environment. This makes her the most advanced O2C Intelligent Agent on the market. She acts as a mirror, reflecting current customer interactions and revealing blind spots and weaknesses through real time, data-driven insights: Aimie is a superb assistant for text recognition and generation. This enables organizations to enhance relevance, better understand context, and optimize customer responses, ultimately improving customer satisfaction. By freeing up finance teams, sales, and customer services to tackle more complex issues, Aimie further enhances customer satisfaction.”

Deploying generative AI technology will allow Sidetrade’s customers to streamline their customer interactions, accelerate their understanding, and personalize their responses for a more human touch.

Combining GenAI with worldwide data to set new standards in Order-to-Cash

Sidetrade’s AI Aimie utilizes machine learning (ML) techniques to analyze customer payment behaviors. Since 2015, Sidetrade has built the most advanced and vast dataset in the Order-to-Cash market, and the only one offering real time AI capabilities. Continuously learning from Sidetrade’s extensive Data Lake, Aimie has been able to recommend optimal collection strategy and act by her own on certain actions. Now, Sidetrade has integrated a new range of data science techniques with the development of its own generative architecture which integrates Large Language Models (LLMs) that are being trained on vast amounts of O2C text data to understand and generate complex human language specific to the industry.

These latest technologies enable Aimie to analyze and understand natural language queries, generate relevant answers, and assist users in anticipating future payment behaviors based on emerging trends and current data. Aimie also leverages big data elements to process and analyze large quantities of Data Lake information, elevating its capability to deliver relevant, accurate, contextualized O2C specific insights that no other vendor can provide.

Mark Sheldon, Chief Technology Officer at Sidetrade: “With the O2C industry’s most advanced and only real time Data Lake, Sidetrade is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the potential of generative AI because without data, there is no advanced AI. Sidetrade offers unparalleled insights to customers worldwide, empowering finance professionals to benefit from GenAI. This leads to strategic business growth and operational efficiency in ways previously unattainable. Generative AI places humans back at the heart of processes, without sacrificing performance objectives.”

Ensuring data privacy and customization with in-house innovation of LLMs

The advantage of running Sidetrade’s own generative architecture with domain expert LLMs, over generic, third-party hosted LLMs, is that Aimie provides insights that are far more tailored and specific to the O2C industry. Unlike GenAI features on the market that offer much more generalist information, Sidetrade’s AI delivers precision and relevance.

Moreover, unlike other SaaS offerings, all of Sidetrade’s infrastructure, LLMs, and data remain within Sidetrade’s private cloud. This ensures that customer data is fully segregated and never mixed in with external models, prioritizing privacy and security.
Sheldon continued: “Sidetrade’s approach to generative AI ensures that our technology upholds the highest standards of privacy, sovereignty, and accuracy. Instead of adopting a plug-and-play approach, we have built an entire ecosystem in-house, taking full ownership of the intellectual property. This strategy offers a whole host of benefits to our customers, both now and in the future, including a more bespoke, customized and accurate service. Additionally, it provides the reassurance that their data never leaves our secure cloud environment.”

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