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VantagePoint A.I. Continues Accurately Forecasting Market

VantagePoint A.I. Continues Accurately Forecasting Market

Trading software gives traders up 3 days to plan their trades, protect their capital, and even profit.

 Vantagepoint AI, LLC continues to help traders navigate the treacherous financial markets, avoid bull traps and even find places to profit amid historic volatility.  The S&P500 saw its worst quarter since 1938 and stocks in general have seen 2008-like lows, but independent traders have been able to mitigate their losses as well as find hidden patterns of opportunity thanks to the Vantagepoint’s patented Intermarket Analysis.

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Vantagepoint A.I. stunned the trading world in 1979 when it was the first in the world to introduce strategy back testing of the financial markets. Shortly thereafter, the company released the first software for P.C.s giving traders predictive market trend forecasts using the power of artificial intelligence.  While the trading world was still dissecting this new way of trading, Vantagepoint founder Louis Mendelsohn watched as Black Monday ruined lives around the globe.  Mendelsohn realized that we had entered a new type of market, one in which all the markets were globally interconnected.  In 1983, Mendelsohn released his patented global Intermarket analysis to the trading world and VantagePoint began revealing often hidden patterns in the global marketplace.

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“VantagePoint was born out of times similar to these,” said President Lane Mendelsohn. “As markets were crashing and burning around the planet, our software began giving traders data-driven insights into upcoming market trends. Today, as history repeats itself, I’m grateful to hear from our traders that VantagePoint software has literally saved their financial lives!”  See how VantagePoint helps traders see When the Market Will Hit Bottom.

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