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Ali Hamriti is the CEO and co-founder of Rollee, the European platform for employment data. As Head of Data, Ali has experienced first-hand the inequality of credit scoring. To provide freelancers with fair access to lending products, Ali founded Rollee with the ambition to help the whole European Fintech landscape make better decisions through a single API.

Banks Need Fintech to Bridge the Gig Economy Data Gap

Ali Hamriti
Being one of the oldest sectors, banking holds a vital role in safeguarding the invaluable life savings and assets of consumers, as well as serving businesses globally. Nevertheless, despite their longstanding stability, traditional banks are facing a plateau in their capacity to meet the needs of emerging demographics. These include......

Confronting the Difficulties Most UK Gig Workers Face When Accessing Financial Services

Ali Hamriti
There are around 4.4 million people in the UK who work for gig economy platforms at least once a week. The ongoing cost of living crisis has exacerbated financial pressures for many more people, 5.2m of which have taken on extra jobs. This rapidly growing population contribute a substantial £20bn......